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Moving long distance with your cat

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    In preparation for a move to another country. You’ve hired moving companies Orange County and everything is organized down to the last detail. In fact, almost everything. Your cat is moving with you. This is the most difficult step for you to take. One of the main reasons people leave cats in shelters is to move. Don’t be one of those people. As we know, cats are territorial and don’t like to move around too much. That’s why it’s so important to prepare them for their trip, reduce their anxiety and help them adapt to their new environment. Below are some tips for moving long-distance with your cat to your new home.

    Visiting the vet

    One of the most important preparations before moving from California to Florida with your cat is a visit to the vet. Your veterinarian will likely advise you on how to prepare for this adventure. The vet may also prescribe certain sedatives if circumstances warrant it. Also, check the following points to ensure your cat travels safely:

    • Check your pet’s health
    • Obtain all necessary health certificates for travel
    • Obtain the necessary medication if your cat is undergoing therapy
    a cat in a carrier bag
    Take all the necessary steps before moving long-distance with your cat, so that your pet has a safe trip to your new home.

    Get your cat used to riding in a car and staying in a carrier

    If your pet is not used to driving, introduce this activity to get him used to longer trips. This will reduce stress and make the car a safe place. Driving a car should be comfortable, which means the carrier should be comfortable. Provide a carrier large enough for the cat to feel cozy and safe. Don’t make too much noise while driving and avoid busy roads, as this can increase stress.

    Pack all the essentials before moving long-distance with your cat

    While you’re packing to move with movers Los Angeles, don’t forget to pack all the necessary things for your furry friend. Pack in one bag: food, bowls, water, toy, a travel litter box, medication, and a leash if necessary. Keep all these things handy during the trip. You’ll assess along the way whether you’ll need travel litter. Just in case, place puppy pads in the bottom of the carrier.

    Organize a trip during the day when you are moving long distance with your cat, so that your cat can rest during the trip
    Take breaks during the move to make the trip as stress-free as possible for you and your cat.


    Make a detailed travel plan

    Once your things are safely packed with moving quotes Los Angeles, it’s time to plan your trip in detail with your beloved pet. Since cats are nocturnal animals, it would be a good idea to plan the trip during the day while they are dozing. If you’re going a long distance, plan pet-friendly accommodations along the way. You’ll need a break. A good place to take a short break is a pet store, as you can take a cat with you. It is recommended that you feed the cat before the trip, at least four hours earlier. Some cats get sick in the car. If you feed them in time, you will avoid vomiting during the trip.

    Place the carrier in the car so that it is always ventilated and the cat can always see you from the carrier. If he seems anxious, cover the crate with a towel; darkness has a calming effect on some pets. Make it a safe adventure in every sense of the word when moving long distances with your cat.

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