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Moving from Burbank to Orange County with ease

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Are you ready for your relocation to Orange County and start a new chapter in your life? As exciting as it is, it is normal to feel sad about leaving Burbank. After all, it is a diverse place where you can enjoy recreation in beautiful parks, dining in unique restaurants, and hiking amazing trails. However, you shouldn’t feel heavy-hearted since Orange County has a lot to offer as well. At this point focus on things that you will have to organize for moving from Burbank to Orange County. For your relocation to go smoothly, it would be smart to delegate jobs. For example, take cleaning services Los Angeles, to help you out with the chaos that will stay behind you. There is no reason to spend your last days in Burbank cleaning your apartment.

Apart from cleaning services, there are few more things that you should organize and inform about. That way your relocation day will be stress-free. Below find the information to help you relocate from Burbank to Orange County with ease.

Moving from Burbank to Orange County with the right company

Moving from Burbank to Orange County doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With good organization and preparation on time, your relocation will go smoothly. First what you should think about is the transfer of your belongings. Do good research on affordable moving companies Los Angeles that will help you with your relocation. When choosing a moving company make sure:

  • That company has a good reputation
  • That is a reliable and licensed company
  • That offers insurance in case of any damage to your belongings when moving from Burbank to Orange County
  • That doesn’t have any hidden costs
A guy in front of the white moving van
Choose the right company when moving from Burbank to Orange County

It is crucial to find a company that you will be able to entrust your belongings. It is certain that you don’t want your valuable things to get damaged. Make sure to hire professional movers that will know how to handle your sensitive items such as plants, delicate electronics, musical instruments, etc. Also, if you are an art collector, make sure to engage art movers Los Angeles to handle the packing and moving of your fragile items.

Choose a neighborhood in Orange County

Once you have found a moving company that suits your needs is time to find the right neighborhood in Orange County. The good news is that housing prices in Orange County are 21.8% lower than in Burbank. Before you choose your neighborhood it is important to decide if you would like to live in an area similar to the one in Burbank. If that is the case choose Anaheim, Santa Ana, or Irvine. On the other hand, Orange County is mostly a suburban area. So if you are looking to escape urban neighborhoods you will be able to do so.

The monthly cost for your accommodation

The rent of the apartments in Orange County depends on the area where you decide to live. For example, if you go for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center of Anaheim you will pay about 2042$. And for the same apartment in Barabuk, you would pay 2100$. On the other hand, the rent in suburban areas is more expensive than in suburbs in Burbank. The average monthly cost of a three-bedroom apartment in Anaheim is 2925$, while in Burbank 2400$.

Have in mind that prices for buying the apartment will also vary depending on the area. For one square meter in the city center of Anaheim, you will need 4258$ while in Burbank 5881$. After carefully reviewing prices and locations it will be easier for you to choose the right neighborhood when relocating from Barabuk to Orange County.

Cost of living in Burbank vas cost of living in Orange County

In general, Burbank is 17.2% more expensive than Orange County. However, some of the expenses will be higher in Orange County. When moving from Burbank to Orange County you should take into consideration the cost of the utilities such as electricity, heating, cooling water, garbage. For those basic utilities for an 85m2 apartment in Anaheim on average, you will need 146$. On the contrary, these expenses are cheaper in Burbank where for the same apartment you would need 92$. Apart from the utility charges, health-related fees are 6.8% higher in Orange County than in Burbank.

Person holding money as a symbol of cost of living when moving from Burbank to Orange County
Compare the cost of living in Burbank and Orange County

When it comes to other living expenses have in mind that restaurant prices in Burbank are 18.84% lower than in Anaheim. On the other hand, grocery prices in Burbank are 4.15% higher than in Anaheim. In order to have the perception of expenses compare the cost of living between these two places divided into categories.


Like in most of the places in the United States the best way to get around in Orange County is to have a car. Residents almost don’t consider getting around Orange County any other way rather than in their vehicles. However, if you don’t have a car or driving license, don’t worry you will still be able to move around.

There are many public buses that you can use to transfer from one side of Orange County to another. Also, the good news is that the monthly pass for transportation is cheaper than in Burbank. For example, for your monthly transportation pass in Anaheim, you will need 69$, while in Burbank you would spend 100$.

Public bus and cars on the street
If you don’t own a car, Orange County has many public buses that you can use

To sum up, relocation from one place to another can be a long process. But if you allow moving companies Burbank CA to assist you with your relocation the process will become much easier. Also, in order to know what to expect, do a good comparison between Burbank and Orange County. This way you will be mentally prepared for what you can expect once you relocate. After you have all the information, moving from Burbank to Orange County will become an easy and exciting journey for you.

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