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Moving across LA checklist: Ultimate in-town moving tips

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This beautiful city is the center of the world’s entertainment industry. So it’s no wonder many people flock to it while chasing their dreams. Filled with many different types of bars and restaurants, unimaginable music festivals, farmers’ markets, public parks, beautiful beaches, and other types of events there are many things this city offers. And just by picking one of them, you can find a perfect way to introduce yourself to the city. Here’s what you need to know about the City of Angels before considering a move. So call professional movers Los Angeles and get ready to explore a new city. To help you out we made a moving across LA checklist: ultimate in-town moving tips.

What can LA offer?

The city is one of the world’s biggest and most famous cities. Known in the world for its entertainment industry as well as a place where rich and famous are on every step. Many people decide to move there in order to chase their dreams. So it’s no wonder that LA became a diverse city full of open-minded people. Many residential moving companies Los Angeles CA have their hands full, especially during high season.

A night skyline of LA
For many people, LA is a dream come true

Filled with many attractions and things to see it is no wonder that LA is a place where many wish to move or at least visit once in their life. Good food, in both street stalls as well as restaurants, music, and people of all races and cultures all mix in one place and call it home. And as such a place filled with different kinds of art, lifestyles, experiences, and personalities is born. So it’s no wonder that LA has different kinds of neighborhoods. So we decided to make something that will help you even if it’s by a little. Moving across LA checklist of all of the places you should check out.

LA neighborhoods

Some of the most desirable neighborhoods in California are in LA. Why? Because it has it all! From beautiful beaches, and warm family-oriented suburbs to the concrete jungle with the best nightlife! If you decide to employ moving services Los Angeles or to just come and explore the city during a trip, you will not be disappointed. Moving across LA checklist is filled with places where both potential buyers, as well as tourists, are welcomed.

  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • West Hollywood
  • Silver Lake
  • South Bay
  • The Westside
  • Santa Monica
  • Beverly Hills
  • Culver City
  • Venice Beach
  • San Fernando Valy
  • The Verdugos
  • Northeast LA

Downtown LA

First on the moving across LA checklist is Downtown Los Angeles. This is a place surrounded by giant skyscrapers. Surrounded by all sides with freeways this area is something residents and tourists either love or despise. But this is the place with the most to offer when it comes to some LA attractions. Being the center for most artists this is a place adorned by many galleries, as well as places and attractions made by some companies like Walt Disney.

Some of its blocks are filled with food trucks, while some have a huge amount of art. Little Tokyo is a small wonderland for all Japan lovers, along with its food, shops, and even a Buddhist temple. Here you will find many skyscrapers full of apartments and office buildings, amounts of art and culture, well-organized public transportation, and so on. So no need to be shy, explore moving quotes Los Angeles can offer and start your relocation!

LA skyscrapers
LA is a place where you can pick if you wish to live in an apartment above the clouds or in a beautiful home in the suburbs.

West Hollywood

This is a place where you can feel a strong community and belonging. And among many other things, there are wonderful restaurants and good nightlife. This is also the part of the city with the most LGBTQ+ support as the pride flags always fly freely. Many clubs make the nightlife here one of the best in the city. But the competitiveness of the housing market has made some of the prices skyrocket. Apartments are known to start at around  $600,000 and single-family homes can reach or even go beyond millions. But if you are looking to move alone you can find a one-bedroom apartment for $2,000 monthly.

There are many fun things to do in this neighborhood. Among them is nightlife as well as many nice streets for walks. But one thing to keep in mind is that there are many pet policies in this part of LA.

Silver Lake

South Bay

This place is on our moving across LA checklist due to the small beach town vibes it exudes. But actually, it is in the heart of one of the world’s biggest metropolis. There are many luxury shops, as well as many fine dining restaurants. The crime rates are extremely low, and education is extremely valued. So it’s no wonder that the schools are advanced.

On the other hand, living here can be pricy. The apartments start around 2000$ per month and go up. But if you are lucky enough and keep your eyes on the market, you might find a nice condo for around 500ooo. The highlight of this area are beaches, schools, and many nice restaurants.

The Westside

This is a place where the streets are clean, and top-notch services go hand in hand with taxes. Different types of restaurants celebrate all kinds of foods found in the world. There are big apartment complexes around the marina. There are also pools, gyms, and parking garages. This is actually a little more pricey but can be okay for roommates. By finding moving boxes Los Angeles has to offer your belongings will arrive safely in your new home and you can take some time and explore your surroundings.

Palms next to a street
Streets adorned with palms on every side are a staple of this LA area. A perfect balance of concrete and greenery.

What are the differences between LA areas?

When making the moving across LA checklist we kept thinking what are the differences between LA areas. Even though this is one big city. It is still made from smaller components. And of them, all of them have some unique characteristics. Some are proud of their beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Others are more concentrated on family life, and some are just a party house. 

LA is also the city of students so it’s no wonder there are many of them looking for places to rent. They usually look for apartments close to campus or located near public transport. There are different types of students. Some look for areas with better cafes and nightlife while others concentrate on calmer quiet places. They are actually some of the biggest consumers of storage Los Angeles. Using storage for them saves a lot due to the fact they can pick smaller apartments.

Santa Monica

This is a place on everyone’s moving across LA checklist. A place where you can rub shoulder to shoulder with some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Its wide streets and beautiful beaches are a must-see even if you don’t move there. Along with some of the world’s best restaurants and shops, it’s a destination fitting for all people who like to try new things. Known for the Santa Monica pier it is also a nice place for dates and families.

Although if you are moving here and you possess musical instruments you will need to hire piano movers Los Angeles has to offer. Why? Because pianos are extremely hard to move if you are entrusting them to people that don’t have prior experience. And how can you enjoy the beauty of Santa Monica if you are worried?

Santa Monica pier at night as a part of moving across LA checklist
Santa Monica has so much to offer

Beverly Hills

How can you have moving across LA checklist if you don’t include Beverly Hills on it? This is probably one of the most known parts of LA. Due to it being promoted and glorified in many series and movies. A place adored by the rich and famous is of course a must-see. Filled with many huge mansions that can cost millions of dollars, high-end shops, and boutiques, the world’s best restaurants, and so on. All of that can be found in one place.

This is the best place in LA to get a taste of luxury. As well as one of the most Instagram-able places for people who like that kind of aesthetics. Although not everyone can afford to live here many art movers Los Angeles are hired to move the art pieces of those who can.

Culver City

This is a place that is constantly growing. With some of the biggest leaders in technology being stationed there, it is a place where job opportunities in that field are endless. The streets are cleaner, the air more chilly, fewer bars and more restaurants and the vibe is more relaxed. Although it’s not cheap if you look hard enough you will find some extremely good deals. And as such it’s a nice place to consider when moving and contacting appliance movers Los Angeles to help you relocate your belongings.

A woman in a red car driving in LA
There are many areas to see, that we didn’t mention. But that doesn’t make them any less exciting or important than the ones we did.

Venice Beach

Although the reason many come to this place and add it to their moving across LA checklist is the Venice Beach boardwalk, there is so much more to this area than just that. Unique shops along with beautiful beaches are some of the most calming and clean ones in all of LA. Finding an apartment here for a more reasonable price is only possible in some older buildings. As most of the newer ones are quite expensive.

It’s actually a lively area with many young people, with many popular attractions that give you a lot of options for fun activities. Beaches here are not expensive as some in the area surrounding them.

San Fernando Vally

Home to many of the big entertainment companies, this is a must-see for many people in love with the movie industry. Surrounded by many hiking trails it is also a nice place to go in order to see the Hollywood sign. The food here is one of the best in LA. As the culinary scene is big in this part of LA. Some of the best restaurants in the whole city are located here. It has a lower living cost and as such is ideal for families.

The Verdugos

A moving across LA checklist can not be complete without this area included in it. Being a popular area long before the studios came is not a flex many neighborhoods in LA have. But Verdugos can be proud of it. This area has beautiful parks, a long history and so on. It is a nice quiet area. Miles away from the city noise and stress. Many shopping malls to pick from and outdoor activities.

Northwest LA

Many families here have had their businesses for generations, and as such, this is a place filled with history. Filled with lively people and culture it’s an appealing place to live. The prices of living here are also quite affordable. Beautiful architecture and many restaurants are also some of the most attractive things about this area. So it’s only natural for us to finish our moving across LA checklist with this part of LA.

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