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Move sports equipment in Seattle with ease

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Moving is never easy. It can be very challenging and exhausting, and when you need to relocate your sports equipment it can be very difficult. You need to prepare, disassemble, and pack the equipment. And then relocate it yourself or rent a moving truck. If you are not sure you can do it properly, you can search about moving companies Seattle has to offer and choose the one that suits your needs. But if you want to do it yourself here are some tips to move sports equipment in Seattle with ease.

Make a plan

As already said, moving the sports equipment can be really hard. Not if you have a yoga mat or some balls but if you have some heavy and massive items like an exercise bike, moving these items can be really tricky. So, start by making a list of all the tasks. If you are moving sports equipment on your own, here are some steps you should take:

  • clean your equipment
  • disassemble massive items
  • pack them
  • provide some packing supplies and tools
  • rent a moving truck to move sports equipment in Seattle
planner phone and a pen
Start by making a plan.

The last on the list is moving truck, you can do it yourself but it is better no to. Moving companies have different types of vehicles and in different sizes. They will load the moving truck and relocate the equipment safely. They can estimate which size of the moving truck you will need. It is a good thing to hire them to prevent injuries while lifting or moving heavy items or prevent damaging the items. You can do the research and check what moving services Seattle companies can offer. If you are not experienced in driving this type of vehicle it can be very difficult and maybe even dangerous.

In case you do not need immediately all the equipment or you don’t know where to place all of these items, you can rent a storage unit. You can store them certain items for a while until you figure out where to place them or if you need them at all. Measure the items you want to store and then choose the storage unit. This is important to do, so you can choose the right storage unit and have enough place to put in it all the items you want.

Clean and prepare your sports equipment

Before packing and moving your sports equipment you should clean them first, you don’t want to bring any germs with you. You can wash all the towels and sports clothes, and also wipe your yoga mat. You can use different types of cleaners, as well as wet wipes. Clean all handrails on a treadmill and exercise bike.

You should wash your skis, snowboards, and ice skate with some soap and sponge and let them completely dry so you can pack them. They should always be placed upright and on a soft surface, so be carefull when moving them into the moving truck.

When you have finished cleaning the, you should sort the equipment and disassemble the massive items. After disassembling the equipment, you should fold them and prepare for the move. Make sure you protect the floors when moving these items to prevent the damage. You can put some blankets and furniture sliders in order to move them. Be particularly careful when moving large, bulky equipment. You should unplug the machines like treadmills and exercise bikes. In case you have an elliptical trainer to move, it can be difficult. It has a lot of parts. After disassembling it, remove the handlebars and pedals from the main body of the machine. In the end, you should wrap all the parts to protect them.

You should wash your sports equipment properly so you can reuse them.

Packing before you move sports equipment in Seattle

When packing your moving equipment you will be needing some packing supplies:

  • cardboard boxes
  • bubble bags
  • duct tape
  • moving blankets
  • packing paper
  • scissors
  • tools to disassemble the massive items
  • a dolly

Once you have your sports equipment cleaned and disassembled you can start packing. Makes sure the boxes are not damaged to prevent the damage of the items in it. Wrap each item and then put them in boxes. Do not overweight the boxes. Pack the items properly and with care so you can reuse them once you relocate them. It would be good to call someone to help especially for lifting the items. Use the proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries. When you finish packing your belongings, you can label the boxes. Write on the box what is in it and where it should be placed.

Hire reliable movers

You can use these tips and relocate your sports equipment easily. But if you don’t have any moving experience it would be a good thing to get in touch with your Washington movers and let them handle the work. Reliable moving companies have a professional and skilled team of people who can take care of your equipment. They are skilled and well equipped. So, in no time they will disassemble the bulky items, pack, and relocate all the equipment. Maybe you want to save a dime but if you don’t do everything right you can cause much more expenses and damage.

If you decide to hire a moving company you can also opt for insurance, in that way you will not have to worry if your equipment gets damaged, lost, or stolen. Your items will be replaced or your money will be reimbursed. You can negotiate with the moving company and choose the type of insurance you need.

moving truck
You can rely on your mover to relocate quickly and with care your sports equipment.

Move sports equipment in Seattle

Follow these tips, go step by step and you will move sports equipment in Seattle with ease. You can always rely on your local movers to help you. Find the moving company that suits your needs and that will make the relocation of your equipment goes smoothly. Whatever you decide, good luck!

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