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Most instagrammable places in LA

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    One of the reasons you are thinking about moving to LA must be because of all the beautiful places in the city. It is surely one of the most instagrammable places in the world, with its witty and out-of-the-box cafes and restaurants, art installations and picturesque city views. Oh, and don’t forget the Hollywood sign, maybe the most instagrammable sign in the world. So, here are some of the most instagrammable places in LA that can entice you to finalize your move.

    Hollywood sign

    As we have already stated, the most famous place to take a photo in LA must be the Hollywood sign. This alone should affect your decision to contact Los Angeles Transfer and Storage and book yourself professional help for the big move to the dream city.

    The hollywood sign in one of the most instagrammable places in LA
    Go to the Hollywood sign and take a picture of the most instagrammable place in LA.

    Even though the sign itself is closed off, make a day out of it and go hiking next to the sign. You will have the best photos and a great story to tell your friends.

    Griffith Observatory

    Since La La land came out, everybody has been going to the Griffith Observatory to live out a part of that movie. The movie influenced not just the popularity of the observatory, but the whole city and the moving services Los Angeles have had more work than ever. You get to admire the architecture as well as the views of the city which are mind-blowing.

    The Griffith Observatory
    The Griffith Observatory offers the most beautiful view of the whole city.

    Orange County

    There is no part of the city with more instagrammable places in LA. There is everything you could want: food, beautiful nature, hiking trails, and beautiful sandy beaches and panoramic view. If that does not want to make you move with moving companies Orange County, a little will. If you want to be by the sea make sure to check out Crystal Cove, for a fun art experience visit Cheat Day Land.

    Orange County
    Visit Orange County for the beaches, cafes, and unique restaurants.

    Make the move happen

    If any of this article has made you want to move even more to the City of Angels, we have got you covered. There is a variety of articles about the moving process and living in LA. Everything from finding an apartment to preparing to find storage Los Angeles can be covered in no time.

    Take that leap

    A lot of time is needed to go over everything Los Angeles has to offer, and the city is fast-paced and is eternally changing. So there is no reason not to take that leap and move. Get a free moving quote, start packing and cleaning. And if you are not so interested in the packing and cleaning part, you can always hire professional packing services and cleaning services Los Angeles.

    Follow the Urban Light

    Urban Light, an art installation by Chris Burden, is maybe the most instagrammable place in Los Angeles. The lights go on every day at dusk and blink off every day at dawn. This installation will surely give you a unique experience and a beautiful picture to take with you as a memory.

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