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What are the most common reasons people move to LA?

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If you’re on the fence about moving to Los Angeles, let us clear your doubts. Moving and starting all over is always stressful, and that’s why people hesitate to move. However, that’s not quite the case with LA. For various reasons, people move to LA, which is not a surprise considering its perks and charms. Even though LA lost about 176,000 residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still a dream come true for many. And if you wish us to remind you of its benefits, then continue reading our article. We will mention some of its best traits that are attracting newcomers and give you reasons people move to LA. In case you finally decide to move to LA, you’ll need reliable movers LA by your side. Look no further, and let us assure you of our quality and professionalism. We are a team of capable and well-trained movers. And we’ll take care of your relocation while you’re exploring LA.

The thriving economy and job opportunities

Los Angeles became a very vibrant place to live. With it being a highly popular touristic attraction, it’s no wonder its economy revolves around tourists and tourism. LA boasts restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, motels, and all sorts of other tourist-oriented shops. It’s pretty much obvious that you can easily start a perspective small business here. Or you can move your existing business if it’s related to tourism, such as owning a hotel. When it comes to hotel relocation in LA, our movers have enough experience with it. Since that is exactly one of our services. 

we are hiring sign is found everywhere and that's the one of the reasons people move to LA.
LA has a growing job market that attracts young professionals.

As for the economy, according to reports from 2018 LA ranked third in the world by GDP. Los Angeles is one huge booming job market, across many industries. The most sought-after jobs are in medicine, IT, sales, administration, entertainment, etc. According to Ycharts.com, the unemployment rate in LA from August 2022 was 5,00%, lower than the average of 8,25%. 

If you are moving to expand your business, the time is now. Since things are expected to return to pre-pandemic conditions by the end of 2023. And if you are moving your business from a long distance, reliable long-distance movers LA can help you out. Now, don’t be afraid, just let them do their work and you will move in no time at all!

woman shakes hands after the closed deal which is one of the reasons people to move to LA.
Whether you’re expanding your business or starting a new one, LA is the right place to take your chances.

Entertainment and rich nightlife

One of the main reasons people move to LA is amusement. An abundance of nightclubs in LA attracts newcomers and visitors. Literally, on every major street, you can find at least one of the popular clubs. This is because the majority of the visitors to said clubs are tourists. According to Yelp.com LA had about 1644 bars. If this is one of your interests, you should know at least some of the neighborhoods, famous for their nightlife. Some of them are Hollywood, Venice, and Downtown LA. Now, don’t let this discourage you. LA has a lot more to offer than bars and clubs. If you plan to move to LA to start a business then try to make a tourist-oriented business. Or if you’re about to move your office consider hiring commercial movers LA. One of our specialties is the relocation of private practices and offices.

up close photography of DJ's set
LA has a diverse nightlife, which is one of the reasons people move to LA.

Except for its alluring nightlife, Los Angeles offers fun and recreation for the whole family. Whether you are interested in art and culture, or you’re more of an outdoorsy kind of person, you’ll love LA, for sure. There are various events during the whole year, but Hollywood and Disneyland are by far the most visited attractions. To be exact, Disneyland is the second most visited theme park in the world, with 18 million visitors a year. If you are a fan of the Star Wars franchise or Toy Story, you’ll also enjoy rides at Hollywood Studios theme park. 

Sport venues

One thing LA is very famous for is the abundance of sports halls and stadiums. Some call it the sports capital of the world. Then it’s no surprise that LA is home to many professional teams. To be exact, the greater LA metro area has 14 teams, placing it in third place in the US. Some of these famous squads are the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, etc. Don’t forget to enjoy one of these spectacular NBA games of the Los Angeles Lakers when you move to LA. Or if you prefer baseball, visit Dodger Stadium and enjoy the game with craft beer and hotdog.  You will surely have an enjoyable time watching the game, and meeting new people after you are done with your relocation. And in order to get there safely, we offer quality packing services LA in case you need them. Just sit back, relax and have fun in your new hometown. 

LA stadium from aerial view is among the reasons people move to LA.
LA is rightfully called one of the sports capital of the world.

Sights and landmarks

There are a lot of things you can see and do in LA after you move. And depending on how long you are staying or what your interests are, the list can go on and on. It’s smart to plan ahead what to visit in LA.  Starting with galleries, theatres, boardwalks, and other places, you can rest assured that there are a lot of things you can enjoy in LA. Aside from sports, one of LA’s landmarks is the world-known Hollywood sign. Even though you cannot reach the sign, you can go on one of the hiking tours in the surrounding hills and parks and admire it from afar.

Also, you mustn’t miss visiting Griffith Park and the Observatory, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, etc. The city of Los Angeles is the home of the famous Griffith Observatory. It’s located on Hollywood Mountain, in the park of the same name, towering over the valley. Not only is the view from the observatory magnificent, but this is where the planetarium exhibitions take place. Another famous landmark of LA is the Hollywood Walk of Fame made of brass stars. It has over 2700 stars so far and it stretches down the 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard. The stars are public monuments to the achievements of famous actors, musicians, directors, bands, etc.

Once you recall all the charms of LA, all you have to do is hire your residential movers LA. We’ll take care of the relocation, so you can start exploring the city as soon as possible.  

man posing and jumping in front of the Hollywood sign which is one of the reasons people move to LA.
Among the reasons people move to LA is to see its hallmarks such as Hollywood Sign.

Diversity is one of the reasons people move to LA

Los Angeles is a very diverse city with a lot of people of different races, religions, and cultures. So, you can’t actually adapt to Los Angeles culture when there is no one unique culture. There are blends and then there are separate cultures. However, LA welcomes all with the same love and respect for everyone. Based on Statisticalatlas.com 48,2% of residents of LA are Hispanic, and 28,5% are white. The rest are Asians, African Americans, and others. Hence the majority of residents in LA use English and Spanish language. According to a census from 2021, 1,577,123 said they speak only English, and 1,462,335 people said they speak Spanish, of which 789,869 speaks also English very well. But LA diversity is also reflected in culture, music, and food, as well. 

Most of the time people will recommend any newcomer to just be themselves and not try to change after moving to LA. This is because LA people are more eager to meet someone who they do not know and learn more about the unique culture they are bringing with them. So every newcomer leaves an imprint of his culture and tradition. And precisely that’s what makes LA so diverse and vivid. Once you move you’ll forget about stressful relocation. Learn how to deal with the move on a moving day to avoid stress and prepare well. 

Diverse tastes and food

As with every culture, immigrants also bring their own traditional food with them. There are hundreds of different restaurants you can choose from. Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and many other cuisines are there to satisfy your taste buds. These restaurants are also affordable because their main customers are tourists. Everything is subordinated to tourists and their pleasant stay in LA.

Now, alongside restaurants, there are a lot of street vendors and fast food chains you can choose to eat at. And many people have nothing but good experiences with these delicacies. This may be one of the reasons that will make relocating to Los Angeles easy! Street food is one of the main features of the city. You can’t really get to know LA without grabbing a bite on the street. We highly recommend tacos for Mexican food fans, California rolls, and Chilli cheese hotdog, for starters. Likewise, fans of Asian cuisine can enjoy Thai food or Japanese Sushi. It would be remiss not to mention the California Oyster Cocktail as one of the recipes that originated in LA. Since 1894 this dish made of oysters and hot tomato sauce with spices is a regular on the menus of LA restaurants.

An Asian woman about to eat spring rolls.
In LA you can eat the specialties of different cuisines of the world.

The diverse cultures and arts of LA are reasons people move to LA

All those different people that populate LA, brought with them their cultural characteristics. All of them have left their mark on the culture of Los Angeles, from native Americans to explorers and immigrants. That’s why LA is so diverse and rich in cultures and traditions of all races and ethnicities. LA has around 841 museums and galleries where all that heritage of different traditions and cultures is preserved. It has more museums than any other city in the world. One of the most visited is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This largest museum in the western US is founded in 1961 and has about 149000 exhibits. Various technological and artistic objects from different eras amaze nearly a million visitors per year. Speaking of art, our art movers LA will be there for you and your valuables. Our team is trained to handle high-value objects professionally and with care. 

The education system in LA

One of the reasons people move to LA is certainly excellent education. There are plenty of options for you and your children from kindergarten to universities and colleges. Los Angeles schools are attended by over 600,000 students from kindergarten through 12th grade in over 1,000 schools. However, the costs can be huge, so do your research on tuition fees. Besides, you can choose between private and public schools. So there is a plenty of choices to suit everyone’s pocket. Private schools have a slightly better reputation, but there are also some excellent public schools. In recent years stands out Science Academy Steam Magnet, as one of the best high schools. 386 students from 6th to 11th grade attend this school. In math, languages, and art it’s in the top 1% of schools. With all of this plus the all-year-around sunny weather, it’s no surprise that LA is attractive to students.

LA universities and colleges are the reasons people move to LA

As for universities, among the 63 colleges, the best are the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the California Institute of Technology. UCLA is a public research university, with an admirable reputation. It was founded in 1919 as one of the branches of the University of California. Tuition for students who live in the California area is $13,800, and for out-of-state students is $44,800. While the famous Caltech tuition fee is $58,479. But if we include the cost of food, books, and personal expenses, the price goes over $83,598. Still, with the price comes the best education money can buy, in science, engineering, and technology. Caltech is ranked 9th among 443 National Universities. With this in mind, you can pack and move to LA, without the fear for your kids’ future. We could provide you with quality moving boxes LA and help you pack and unpack, while you explore the campus and university. 

The main entrance of the California University.
You’ll surely choose the right facility for your kids among numerous schools and colleges in LA.

Health and recreation

The climate of LA is such that its residents can engage in physical activities all year round. And they are proven as outdoorsy and huge sports fans. Besides, they are very healthy living oriented. The city simply encourages you to live healthier. And that is one of the crucial reasons why so many people migrate here. With its parks and varied surroundings, the city is perfect for practicing almost any sport. The beach is right there, and so are the mountains, so you can go surfing today and skiing the next. And if your timetable doesn’t allow you to hit the beach on weekdays, you can at least visit one of its parks. 

Numerous parks are one of the reasons people move to LA

LA boasts a large number of parks and open spaces. Los Angeles County has 181 parks, 60 of which are located in the city itself. Whether you’d like to attend yoga classes in the open or run, skate, or whatever, you’ll find a perfect park for that. 

  • Griffith Park is at the same time the largest and the most visited park in Northern America. This park offers all kinds of activities, for visitors of all ages. There are over 50 miles of trails where you can hike or jog or just wander around. You can golf, ride a bike, or go horseback riding. And all of this is almost in the heart of the city, just 2.5 miles from Hollywood Boulevard. The famous Observatory and LA Zoo are some of the attractions of Griffith Park.
  • Elysian Park is the oldest one in LA. It was founded in 1886 and it spreads over 600 acres. It is perfect to spend the day with the children at one of the playgrounds or have a picnic. Naturalists will also enjoy visiting Chavez Ravine Arboretum to see over 100 species of trees from around the world. And those who like both trees and baseball will enjoy one of the games at nearby Dodgers Stadium.
  • Echo Park is also one of the oldest parks in LA and it’s popular for boating on the lake. Families and couples enjoy strolling by the water or through the gardens, followed by coffee and dessert in one of the cafes. One of the main experiences in the park is sailing in swan-like boats. It hosts two annual festivals, Lotus and Rising.
happy young woman jumping on the beach
LA residents tend to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Los Angeles lifestyle

The residents of Los Angeles are very laid-back and relaxed. How could they not be when LA has on average 284 sunny days a year? All that vitamin D and time spent outside is enough for boosting enthusiasm and happiness. Besides, it’s cool to live in a city where dreams and fairytales come true. And many young people come here chasing their dreams, either in the film or music industry or as promising basketball players. Not to mention young technology professionals who have made LA a new tech hub of the state. Thanks to them, LA has become the 3rd largest start-up community. And beneath its fun and business glaze, you’ll find real and inspiring people from all over the world. They are all connected by the feeling of belonging and fitting into this great metropolis, where everyone is different and everyone is equal.

All that good energy is felt at every step and spills over to visitors and residents. And not only young people but also seniors choose LA as their home. Some of the best neighborhoods for retirees in LA are Lagoona Woods and Seal Beach according to Niche.com. Lagoona Woods is a large community for seniors with many activities and events. While Seal Beach is a coastal city, and it’s perfect for active and independent seniors who like spending time by the sea. So if you require senior moving LA services, and if that is what you need, we are at your disposal. We have a strong and capable team of workers, who can help you with packing and loading. 

A pair of jogging buddies running.
Residents of LA like spending time outside and exercising.

Beautiful weather and climate are also reasons people move to LA

The pleasant climate is one of the reasons people move to LA. Generally, it has a sub-arid climate. But the fact that it is surrounded by mountains protects it from extreme summer and winter conditions. For the last few decades, LA has been among the top cities with the most pleasant weather. During the year the climate is medium to hot, with dry periods. Winters can be rainy, and dry summers with occasional rains. The average high temperature is 84 °Fahrenheit, and the lowest is 65.6 °F in the summer. A slightly more pleasant temperature is from January to May and in November, with temperatures between 68 °F and 77 °F. It’s easy to adapt to these conditions even when moving from an area with a different climate. So if you are moving from another state because of the weather hire interstate movers LA has and enjoy this beautiful place.

A Hollywood sign photographed from afar.
Hollywood is attracting young energetic people.

Give LA a chance to win you over

Now is the best time for you to move to LA. The moving season is almost over and you will have enough time to find a good moving company or storage services LA if you require them. Besides, Los Angeles is wonderful at this time of year. The temperature is perfect for any activity, not that cold or too hot. And it is optimum in case you’re relocating sensitive items like antiques and art pieces. With the mild temperatures, relocation will go smoothly and you will certainly enjoy exploring LA this fall. We hope that the reasons people move to LA that we have listed will help you decide. It’s not that easy to enlist all the pros for moving to LA, because they are numerous. 

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