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Most common moving injuries and how to avoid them

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    Going through a relocation means that you will be opening yourself to the possibility of an injury. If you are going to handle heavy items, you can suffer things such as various cuts and scrapes, broken toes, and possible back injuries. However, if you want to all but eliminate these possibilities, hire a professional moving company such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. By having your movers handle all the heavy lifting, you will reduce the chances of an injury to a minimum. However, as this is not always an option, you might want to know as much as you can about moving injuries and how to avoid them. This is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article.

    3 most common moving injuries and how to avoid them?

    Here are some of the most common maladies that a moving process can put you through:

    1. Cuts and scrapes
    2. Broken fingers and toes
    3. Back injuries

    1. Cuts and scrapes

    Handling items means that you will inevitably come into contact with sharp and pointy objects. You may need to disassemble an old armoire, for example, and some of the pieces can inflict these injuries upon you. The best way to combat these injuries is to wear protective items such as gloves and to wear clothing that covers most of your body. That, or have movers Orange County do it for you. In any case, make sure that you have a first aid kit close-by, just in case. Also, whatever you are doing, make sure that you are doing it carefully.

    hand injury
    Try not to have to use bandages in the first place!

    2. Broken fingers and toes

    This type of injury often occurs when a heavy item falls on your hands or feet. When handling heavy loads, you might overestimate your strength, or underestimate the weight of the item. This can easily create a serious injury, from which you may need weeks to recover. Or you simply may need to move an item and something falls on you. If you need to move a lot of heavy stuff around for cleaning purposes, it might be better to consider hiring cleaning services Los Angeles instead. They have a lot of experience and will know how to avoid any injury while they work. But if you have to do everything on your own, always try before you lift and wear sturdy gloves and shoes. They can minimize the impact your body parts receive.

    injured leg, ice pack on the foot
    Broken fingers are a serious issue. Make sure to wear protective clothing!

    3. One of the most common moving injuries and how to avoid it – Back injuries

    Finally, the most common moving injuries are back injuries. They occur when you lift or move, something that your back simply cannot handle. You can prevent back injuries by staying fit, exercising regularly, and not trying to lift anything out of your “weight class”. If you can’t afford to hire movers to do the heavy lifting for you, which is the best option, you may want to prepare your back for the stress ahead. Start working out months before the move if you can help it.

    Moving straps

    Also, you may want to purchase moving straps that will distribute the weight evenly and minimize the risk of a back injury. They are especially handy when it comes to furniture moving and will make your work a lot easier. Of course, you may also wish to ask a friend or two to help you with the heaviest of items.

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