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Main causes of stress when moving long distance

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Every time you move house, you’re under a great deal of stress. There’s no way around it, stress is just a natural part of relocating. When it comes to moving from California to Washington or any kind of long-distance move, you can probably guess that the stress levels are even higher. Well, that’s why we want to help you out. We’ve decided to tell you some of the main causes of stress when moving long distance which will, hopefully, help you prepare and stay as calm as possible. So, let’s start and see what you should get ready for.

What causes stress when moving long distance?

1. Moving expenses are the main cause of stress when moving long distance

Of course, figuring out a moving budget is a huge part of relocating.  It is crucial to know how much money you have saved up and how much you need for the move. There are many things that you need to think about moving and you should always be prepared for some unexpected expenses. So, it’s smart to set aside some extra money in case something comes up.

Something that will definitely help you calculate your moving budget is asking moving companies for moving estimates. Find a few companies that seem reliable and ask for their moving quotes. Once you get the different estimates, you’ll see which are the most affordable moving companies Los Angeles and you’ll make your decision easier.

A stack of coins - money is definitely a cause of stress when moving long distance
Money is an important aspect of moving, so make sure you’re aware of all the upcoming expenses.

If you know how much money you need and you’re prepared for all the expenses, it’s less likely that this will cause a lot of stress. You simply need to accept the fact that moving is an expensive project, but it has to be done. Also, keep in mind that there are always ways to save some money and reduce moving costs.

2. The big life change – leaving town

One of the most stress-inducing things when it comes to long-distance relocation is the fact that you’re life is about to change drastically. Moving across the country includes a lot of inevitable changes, so you know that many things won’t stay the same after the move.

Making peace with this realization might cause stress for a lot of people. Try to remain positive and focus on the good sides to easier handle stress when relocating long distance.

3. Big decisions

The pressure of having to make so many big decisions can easily get to you. It’s very easy to start feeling anxious and overwhelmed because of all the things that you need to plan out. Here are some of the decisions that might cause stress when you’re moving long-distance.

Choosing the right movers

A lot of people prefer to move with the help of professional movers. Hiring professionals to help you is definitely a way to make the relocation easier. However, the process of finding the right movers for you might be stressful for some. 

A way to make this decision easier is to do enough research and get a lot of information about each moving company. See if their moving services fit your needs and if their price is within your budget. The important thing is that you hire professionals who are legitimate and reliable.

Finding the best neighborhood for you

Another cause of stress when moving long distance is choosing the right neighborhood in your new town. You’re leaving the city you know and love and it’s time to find your new home. The pressure of choosing the right area of town that you’ll love living in can be overwhelming.

Once again, it’s all about doing research. Check out all the neighborhoods that seem nice and decide which one you’d like to call home. If you can, take a stroll around each neighborhood to see if you like the atmosphere.

Picking your new home

Once you’ve found the right neighborhood for you and your family, it’s time to find the perfect property. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to live in a house or an apartment building. Whatever you choose, you should choose wisely and make an informed decision.

Colorful apartment buildings
Choosing the right home for you might be stress-inducing when moving long-distance, but don’t worry – you’ll find your dream home.

So, knowing that you have to choose the best possible option can definitely cause stress when moving long distances. Try to take it one day at a time and believe that you’ll find your dream home eventually.

4. Physical work

It’s no secret that moving requires you to be a bit more physically active. You’ll find yourself running around town, lifting lots of boxes and running errands. So, not only is moving long distance stressful for your mind, but also for your body. If you’re not careful, you might even end up hurting yourself. That’s why you should be careful while lifting and carrying boxes, but also give yourself some time to rest.

5. Paperwork

Handling paperwork is never fun. Quite the contrary, actually, paperwork is one of the main causes of stress when relocating long distance. You need to take care of insurance policies, changing your address, contracts with movers, utilities, etc.

A man signing a contract
Get ready for all the paperwork you’ll need to take care of and don’t let it get you down.

The best thing to do is to leave enough time for doing all the paperwork and mentally prepare for this process. Soon enough, it will all be over and you’ll finally be in your new home. Stay strong!

6. Uncertainty

The fear of the unknown is something most people have to face. When you’re moving to a new place, it’s totally normal to feel apprehensive about this huge life change. After all, you can’t possibly know what’s to come and what’s waiting for you after the move. However, we suggest focusing on the positives and trying to turn the nerves into excitement.

You can handle it!

So, these are some of the main causes of stress when moving long distance, but you can handle all of them. All you need to do is keep a positive mindset, leave enough time for everything and get mentally prepared for this relocation. We’re sure everything will go well, so try not to stress out too much. Good luck!

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