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Local moving guide for a Seattle relocation

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    Even though the concept of moving locally seems straightforward, it doesn’t guarantee success. And just because local moves are usually easier to plan, organize, and perform than other types, they shouldn’t be underestimated. It is important to realize that every single type of move has its specifics and should be approached with care. Besides, if you fail to realize just how important a local move is, you may end up in a lot of problems on moving day. Sure, your movers Seattle are more than capable of relocating you with ease, but you still have to plan it. This local moving guide for a Seattle relocation is sure to make everything easier.

    lakeview of the Seattle pier
    With good planning, your Seattle move will be very simple

    Start planning your local relocation in Seattle as soon as possible

    If you want everything to be successful and smooth, you should start preparing as soon as you realize that you’ll be moving. A good idea is to make a list of things that you need to do before the moving day arrives. Leave this list in a place where you can constantly see it, as a constant reminder not to procrastinate. Slowly cross out tasks as you complete them, and remember to remain focused. With every task you complete, you’ll notice that you are one step closer to your new dream home. Even though your move will be conducted by Southern California movers, you shouldn’t be casual and dismissive about it. You might think that you have plenty of time because its just a short distance move. Keep in mind that time seems to pass faster as the moving day gets closer, so don’t get too comfortable.

    Prepare enough supplies and do your packing in stages

    If you are going to do your own packing, it is only natural that you first stock up on plenty of packing materials. This local moving guide for a Seattle relocation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the biggest heroes of moving. We’re talking of course about the moving boxes. What you’ll need, are clean boxes in good condition and different sizes. There are a few ways of finding them, although we recommend purchasing moving boxes Seattle because of their durability and quality. Alternatively, you can ask a few local supermarkets or shops if they have spare boxes lying around. Just remember that they should be intact and without damages, with sturdy corners and sides. Otherwise, they can tear during the relocation, and that’s the last thing you want. Apart from boxes, you’ll also need packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, and labels.

    a woman in the middle of a local Seattle relocation
    Packing supplies are the key to a smooth relocation

    Even if you have plenty of time for your move, you simply can’t pack your entire household in one session. The reason for this is the other important factor in packing, the available space. You should prepare an inventory of your entire household. Knowing exactly what you’re working with can help you decide what you’ll be bringing with you. Before you start packing the smaller things, think about how you will deal with the larger items. In this case, piano movers Seattle will be of great service. You may decide to take everything to the new home, or leave something behind and downsize. We advise starting your packing process with the rooms which you use the least, and working toward the more frequently used rooms. Starting with guest rooms, attics and basements will get them out of the way earlier, and create spare space, just in case.

    Make sure your local move is safe for everyone involved

    The hustle of the moving day is not really the ideal time for toddlers crying for either food or comfort. Or small kids and pets zooming around the house uncontrollably. The first reason is that this is not a safe environment for them to be in. If there is no other solution available, such as a daycare, make sure there is someone else at hand to take care of them. Keeping your kids busy and under supervision will eliminate the risk of accidents and further complications. Ask a friend to look after your children for the day, or hire a nanny to babysit them.

    small kids playing with blocks
    Ask a friend to take care of your kids to ensure their safety

    In addition, unsupervised kids and animals can greatly slow down the relocation. Worst case scenario, they can bring it to a complete stop should something unplanned happen. If you have older children, you could include your kids in the moving process. In the case of a DIY relocation, your responsibility and stress will be even greater. You’ll have to both take care of your little ones, as well as keep on with the move. Your number one priority is to ensure that everyone in your home is taken care of, so you can focus on the important tasks at hand. With all of these simple tips, your move will be smooth sailing from start to finish!

    Our local moving guide for a Seattle relocation isn’t complete without decluttering

    Relocating your home, even locally, is the perfect time to sort through your home and downsize its inventory. Go through your possessions and see if there are any items which are either too old, or serve you no purpose. Naturally, the more items you have to pack and move, the more expensive the relocation will be. It would be a waste of time boxing and transporting useless items from your household. Luckily, there are a few ways to go about this problem. One option is to organize a yard sale and sell off items you no longer need. This is a good way to boost your budget and cover the expenses of hiring apartment movers Seattle. Your other option is donating items to friends or a charitable organization nearby. We hope this local moving guide for a Seattle relocation helps you achieve the perfect transition to your new home.

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