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Living in Orange County – Pros and cons

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Usually, when someone thinks of California, they think of giants like Los Angeles or San Diego. One is known throughout the world for its glitz, glamour, and entertainment industry, and the other for its sunny beaches.  But located in the heart of Southern California, there is one more place worth every praise, Orange County. Often overlooked, this not-so-hidden gem is a beautiful region that has something to offer to everyone. Over the years it has been becoming more and more popular, not only for tourists but as a nice place to live as well. So it comes as no surprise that movers Orange County has, are working more than ever. Therefore, read this article and learn more about the pros and cons of living in Orange County.

Welcome to Orange County

We need to make it clear that Orange County also known as “The OC,” is not Los Angeles. Although living in Orange County will mean you are right below the city of Angels. Its residents like to make it clear that there are differences between the two. This region embraces a beach lifestyle. And that’s one of the things that makes it easy to distinguish between it and its metropolitan neighbors like San Diego, and LA. When you first come here you will notice it’s relaxed and every part of it has a sense of elegance that somehow matches its surfer culture. By now you probably guessed that this laidback area doesn’t have many residents right? Well, you guessed wrong. Orange County has a population of more than 3 million residents.

A sunset on a beach in Orange County
Some of the best Californian sunsets are seen on the beaches of Orange County.

And the number is still rising! Over the years many of the best moving companies Los Angeles can offer, have helped many people from LA move to OC safely. Here you will have perfect weather all year long! Not to mention beautiful well-maintained beaches, as well as many kinds of world-famous attractions, and safe cities. Those are just a few of the reasons why people are moving to Orange County. The chances of bumping into someone famous in a store or on the road are actually quite high. Along natural wonders, beaches, stores and so much more make sure that life here is never boring. But like any other place where there are good sides, some bad ones also exist. So we will tell you a little about living in Orange County and its pros and cons.

The pros of Living in Orange County

There are different things people look at when picking where to live. All of those things are personal preferences. But from time to time many people agree that some “universal” pros exist. Those are some basic things that any place worth living in will have. Although sometimes you can have places where the cons can be pros and vice versa. But what are some of the pros of living in Orange County that can make someone contact and ask for moving quotes Los Angeles and start planning their relocation here?


Living in Orange County is great, and of the reasons for that is the fact that it’s quite safe. The crime rate is very low, especially compared to other areas that are the same size. If you look even closer you will notice that the schools are good, and you will find plenty of fun things to do. There will always be something fun going on downtown, and the many gorgeous parks are always at your disposal. Not to mention that OC is very close to Los Angeles! That means you can easily enjoy all of the LA charms without having to worry about traffic, pollution, and crime. For people that are interested in a safe, family-friendly area, OC is definitely worth looking into. Even if you are moving your business you will not make a mistake. Contact commercial movers Los Angeles has to offer and start enjoying this amazing place as soon as possible.

A female police officer
Police are easy to spot and easy to approach. They will gladly help you with any kind of problem.


If you are living in Orange County then you will not be surprised by the next pro. Shopping might not sound that fun to everyone, but it definitely has its good sides. And OC is one of the best places to shop! This place offers a wide range of unique shops and boutiques. Not to mention all of the major retailers. That means that no matter what you need or are looking for you will be able to find it here. And that doesn’t just apply to clothes, shoes, and bags but to other goods as well. If you are moving from Washington to California then you will also be pleased by the fact that everything you had there, you will be able to find here as well.

The main shopping district can be found along Chapman Avenue. Here there is everything from antique stores all the way to art galleries and luxury clothing boutiques. Of course, there is something even for those that want to have a more relaxed shopping. All you have to do is go to the neighborhood of Old Towne! Take a walk down its beautiful tree-lined streets and carefully look through the many gorgeous vintage shops.

Dior store accessible to people living in Orange County
Living in Orange County becomes really fun during shopping days with different types of shops at your disposal.

The beach

If you are a fan of the beaches and nice weather then living in Orange County is perfect for you. Living here actually means you are in the Mediterranean climate! That means you will have constant year-round temperate and nearly 280 days of sunshine. So it’s no wonder that many people fall in love with OC! But even that is not all. There are more than 42 miles of beautiful coastlines. So even if you are moving from Colorado to California, or from even further away you will have plenty of beautiful beaches and hidden gems to enjoy here. Of course, some of the beaches are known worldwide and can be packed with tourists at times. But there are always more beaches waiting for you to explore them. And if you are lucky you might even stumble on a celebrity while you are doing that.

Cons of living in OC

Where there is light there are always shadows. That means that naturally, any place will have both good and bad. And living in Orange County is not an exception. Of course, there will be people that won’t consider these cons that important or impactful, but still, it’s worth knowing them. The reasons for that might be your social status, money, jobs, and so on. But of course, when picking out the cons we concentrated on the things most average Americans would find a problem when moving here. So whether you are relocating with movers in Burbank CA or from some other place here are the cons of living in OC that you should be aware of.

Private schools

If you want to live in Orange County in order to start a family, there are some things you need to consider. Not only that but if you already have kids this is also for you. The education in OC that your kids will be able to get is fantastic. And even though the public schools are quite good for a top-notch education, a better choice is one of the Orange Counties’ private schools. How is that a con? Private schools here are known to be very expensive. And although that won’t be a con for everyone, for most people it is.

Kids in an OC private school
Private schools here are expensive.

Many private schools located in OC have an academic curriculum a lot better than public schools can offer. Not to mention that with that your kid will be attending classes in high-quality facilities with the best resources. All of that combined with small class sizes will allow your child to get more individualized attention from teachers. And just that makes it worth every penny. Of course, if good private schools were the reason you picked to move here then this is everything but a con for you.

High costs of living

Every big city has areas that are more or less expensive. So of course living in OC is not the same in every place. But looking at it in general you will notice that living here will require a lot of money. Now depending on your job and income, you might be able to afford it, or might not even notice how expensive it is. But in general, for average people, the prices can sometimes be absurd. Actually, the cost of living here is 55% higher than the national average! The median home price in OG is around $815,000. And the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,139. The biggest reason for the high home prices is the limited supply of homes. Not to mention that many wish to live here, due to good schools, and great weather the place became quite desirable. And that also affected the prices. But even despite the prices, many people hire movers with quality moving services Los Angeles in order to move here.

Money bils everywhere
When picking where you want to live, your income will play a big role, especially in Orange County.

Of course, you can always decide to live in smaller apartments and rent a climate controlled storage Los Angeles moving companies can offer. That way you can pay less for rent and still have all of your important items near if you even need to use them. Although it’s not for everyone it’s still perfect for people that go to college, or need more storage space but can’t afford bigger apartments. This way all of your things will be safely kept in a secure environment and easy to get at any time.


Believe it or not but this place is notorious for its traffic jams. The city’s streets are busy almost all the time. Making it quite difficult to get around, especially during holidays. Why is that? Well if you take into consideration that the number of people living here is already high but is still constantly growing it all adds up. Not to mention that there are many tourists and during the holiday season things become even worse. Although Orange County is doing its best to make it easier to go around by implementing a number of measures, like carpool lanes and mass transit they dont really help that much. So living in Orange County will not be a walk in the park when it comes to driving. Not to mention that getting to the park can take you a while if you find yourself stuck in traffic.

A traffic jam under the bridge
If you like driving then living in OC is not for you. Traffic jams are very common, and not nice under the Californian sun.

Overall about living in Orange County

When you look at the pros and cons of living in Orange County, you will notice that there are answers for everything. The only important thing is if you can afford that answer. You see in general what you will need to live here is a good-paying job so you can afford the home, as well as schooling for your kids. A good location so that you don’t have to drive too long for work in order to avoid traffic jams. And in return, you will be part of a good community that has a lot to offer. Good connections, chances of meeting famous people in a grocery store, calm beautiful beaches, good stores and so much more. Living here is similar to living in other US big cities like LA, NYC, and so on. But you will get all of those privileges but packed in another package. One in form of a coastal paradise with much calmer energy to it.

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