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Label boxes for moving to Seattle like a pro

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    Failing to label the moving boxes is one mistake that people often make. Relocation is known to be unpredictable and many things can go wrong. But don’t be alarmed because of that. You can still take control of how your relocation will turn out. The simplest way to avoid the majority of mistakes is to hire one of the professional movers Los Angeles. But if hiring help is something that you don’t plan to do, there are other ways around a disastrous move. One major thing you need to take care of is to properly label boxes for moving. By doing that you will save yourself so much unnecessary stress and have a more organized move.

    Label boxes for moving

    There are a few things that you need to pay attention to when labeling boxes:

    • Purchase high-quality markers and labels (labeling boxes for moving is much easier if done with the right equipment)
    • Good timing makes a difference
    • Label using colors or numbers

    Even tho it is important, the process itself is pretty easy and straightforward. Moving will be the same way if you are moving from Seattle to Los Angeles with the help of professionals.

    Kid and parent having fun while they label boxes for moving
    Labeling is very easy and straightforward, but still important to do

    High-quality equipment

    Most pens or markers that you can find in your home will do the job. But it is recommended to avoid trying to save money in this case. A set of good quality markers will ensure that they are permanent and waterproof, with a good selection of colors. With that said, colors are also important in making your labeling process easier for you and for the people providing moving services Los Angeles, which we will address in a bit. When it comes to labels, there are a few options you can choose from. You can use pre-printed labels that come on some moving boxes or buy them from an office supply store or moving company. You can also download printable labels or even make them yourself from scratch to add some personalized fun to a boring move.

    Good timing

    Now that you are armed will good equipment, you should know that timing is also important. It might seem like common sense, but mistakes can happen during a stressful time like this. If you want to convert a nerve-wracking experience into a relaxed one, simply hire some of the Dupont WA storage options available, and let them take care of your things. You shouldn’t label a box before packing it, because you won’t know what exactly the contents will be. Likewise, you shouldn’t label a box long after packing it, because there is a good chance that you forgot what you packed into it. The perfect time to do it is when you just sealed the box with tape. In conclusion, don’t let too much time pass between the actions.

    Should you label boxes for moving with colors or numbers?

    The color-coding method is considered to be more simple. Basically, all you need to do is pick a color for every room in your new home. So all the boxes with items that go into that room will be labeled with that color. For example, all the boxes packed up from the kitchen will be labeled with the color of your favorite food. Just make sure that everybody involved in the movie knows the colors, otherwise, it will be in vain. The second option uses numbers for each separate box. This way you don’t have to write the contents on every box, and only you will know what’s inside. A spreadsheet will be needed to know what number box goes into what room. The only problem here could be misplacing the file, so make sure to have it backed up or on physical copies.

    Numbers on a colorful surface
    You can choose between colors and numbers for your labeling system

    Label boxes for moving – conclusion

    The most important thing to remember when labeling boxes is to actually do it. Don’t trust too much in your memory, because things can get stressful and you will forget. When you finish packing, you will end up with a bunch of similar-looking boxes, which will result in huge chaos. So just remember to label. Good luck!

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