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LA post-moving to do list

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Moving is stressful enough. You have to organize the entire relocation including finding relocation assistance Los Angeles, packing your entire household, saying goodbye to your old neighborhood, and so on. Once you finally move into your new house, you might expect that all the work is done. However, it’s not. The first couple of days, even a few weeks, will be chaotic. In order to survive, here is a LA post-moving to do list. 

The LA post-moving to do list – first things to do 

First of all, when long-distance movers Los Angeles deliver your items, you need to do an inventory. Make sure to count all the boxes that you receive. If you see that one or more are missing, you need to notify your moving company as soon as possible. In addition to this, you need to check the overall condition of your moving boxes. If you see that one or more boxes are damaged, check the items inside. If there are damaged as well, you need to notify your movers again. your moving should tell you what to do in this situation or you can refer to your moving contract. 

In addition to this, if you used auto transport California services, you need to check your car as well. Everything mentioned for your moving boxes applies to your car as well. It is even more important to check the condition of your vehicle as it is much more expensive than your ordinary household items. Again, if you see any type of damage on your car, make sure to notify your transport company. 

post-moving to do list includes checking your black car
Check the condition of your car after relocation

Make your home functional 

LA post moving to do list would not be complete without making your home functional. Furniture or appliance moving is oftentimes challenging. For this reason, when movers deliver your items, make sure to put household appliances in their place. Then, you need to connect your appliances and see if they are working properly. Of course, you should get your utility’s running as well since your appliances will not work without electricity. 

In addition to this, you also need to inspect your home. This means making your home safe. Check all the windows and doors. Also, you need to look for some signs of damage. If you happen to find some, you should notify whoever is responsible for your house. It would be smart to change the locks on your doors. If you have a child, make sure to childproof your new house. The same applies if you have a pet. 

a woman and a dog
Make your new house comfortable

 More things to add on your LA post-moving to do list 

Your LA post-moving to do list is please complete with the following tasks. 

  • Unpack your boxes 
  • Clean the house  
  • Take care of your kids and pets 
  • Do things you like to relax after the move 
  • Update your address 
  • Find a new doctor 
  • Explore your new city 
  • Meet your new neighbors 
  • Decorate your home 
  • Enjoy your new life 

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