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L.A.’s Downtown Arts District : A guide

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When visiting L.A. especially if you are an art lover there is a place you must visit, and that is the L.A.’s Downtown Arts District. In a city known as a city of dreams, there is no shortage of artists of all kinds. When thinking about L.A.’s Art District there is one thing that falls to mind. And that is the sheer number of arts on display from unknown and famous artists. Here is a guide we made to help you find your way through L.A.’s Downtown Arts District.

Downtown Art District

In 1970 there was a wave of artists. Many new artists got a chance to come to Downtown L.A. and make a name for themselves. Back in the day, it might not seem like a big deal. But it was the groundwork of what we know today as an art district. It was a sketch that later through the years bloomed into a magnificent artwork. After moving to L.A. grab some free time while using cleaning services Los Angeles. Ang tour the streets filled with galleries, murals, and many more forms of art here is how to make your way around it.

  • Punk shop
  • Hidden Paradise
  • A hotel with a past
  • Mural
One of L.A.'s Downtown Arts District museums
Art comes in many shapes and sizes. From paintings, and sculptures to music, dance, acting, and many more. All of those many arts come together and meet in L.A.’s art district

Punk shop

On the southern edge of L.A.’s Downtown Arts District stands the last remnant of the once-legendary punk scene. Even after art movers Los Angeles moved many pieces to different places the Descontrol punk shop stands in the same place to this day. It might seem intimidating at first glance but after you meet the lovely people that keep this shop open seven days a week you will change your mind. Here you can find VHS tapes, cassettes, stickers, patches, and many more items from the pre-internet era. If your knowledge of punk is not that great, to you this is like a punk museum, and a way to get a know something new.

Hidden Paradise

Near Little Tokyo in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District, there is a little hidden paradise inside a nondescript warehouse. This is a home, workshop, and paradise that belongs to Peter Lai.  A fashion designer who has an affection for Japanese culture. In this little paradise, there are many Japanese artifacts and objects he collected over there decades. An appointment is a must when you want to visit the Japanese Cultural Village. The “village” includes a Japanese traditional tea garden, a Buddhist temple, many costumes, sculptures, and many other things.

A Japanese garden with a pond
A Japanese garden is an artform in itself. With all of its vibrant colors ist a sight to see, and a way to learn about one of the world’s oldest cultures.

A hotel with a past

After finding affordable moving companies Los Angeles you have time to wist the L.A.’s Downtown Arts District and a hotel with a past. The story of the American Hotel starts in 1905 as the first quality hotel for African-American clientele. In its early years, the hotel’s ground floor was always full of jazz musicians.


Just across the street from the American Hotel in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District stands the original pair of “human-sized” wings inspired by the “city of angels”.  These wings alone started the world phenomenon of drawing wings on walls to take pictures. In no time at least 1o wings were added all over L.A.’s Downtown Arts District. not to mention around the world. While moving companies Burbank CA are doing their job you can go and see in person the wings that started it all.

There are many more things and places to visit and see in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District but so little time. So when you have the chance go and see some art.

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