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Keep or release – Is your furniture worth moving?

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    When planning a move, especially a long-distance one there are many different factors that can influence it. From the cost of the move and shipping time. Many decisions need to be made especially in the beginning that will be a key factor later on. One of those decisions is your packing. Will you be ready when furniture movers Los Angeles arrive? Is your furniture worth moving?

    Decluttering is priority

    When you decide on a moving date all the other plans should fall into place. And your main priority should be packing. Making a packing plan is important. But before that, you need to declutter. Yes, it doesn’t sound that important but later on, you will realize, how helpful it is. Being surrounded by unnecessary furniture and items will not only make it harder to pack but will also increase the cost of moving. On the other note is your furniture worth moving at all? Some of it, yes, but some is better sold or donated to The Furniture Bank. But how do you decide what furniture is or isn’t worth moving?

    Is your furniture worth moving when it comes to kitchen furniture
    The kitchen is one of the rooms packed with furniture and items. It needs more time than any other room to declutter.

    How hard is it for packing and transportation?

    If you are for example moving to Seattle from Los Angeles the move is not a short one. Moving in more than one trip from your old house to your new one is costly and not efficient. So making sure that you moved everything in one trip is the best. For the furniture that cant be taken apart and is too heavy and takes too much space, it’s best to leave it. Also if while you inspect your furniture you happen to find some is damaged it’s best to leave it. When wondering if your furniture is worth moving consider the cost of new items as well.

    Sentimental value and cost

    Is your furniture worth moving? Well, how expensive is it? Is it a limited edition or from a famous designer? Maybe it was made by someone special to you or was owned by a loved one. However, you look at it, if it’s something that is sentimental or if its cost was big when you bought it, it is worth keeping. You can always store it in Dupont WA storage, and pick it up later.

    Old vs new

    When finally come to a conclusion and know if your furniture is worth moving make an old vs new comparison. Make a shopping list for new furniture. Make sure all the old furniture size matches the available space in your new home. If you are working with professional movers Los Angeles, you can ask them to give you estimates. And compare the move with old furniture and the cost of new ones. Some may pay off some may not it’s for you to decide.

    A couple packing furniture
    Furniture worth moving should be packed carefully, while the furniture we will be selling or donating should be moved in a corner.

    Our advice

    The best way to see if your furniture is worth moving is by looking into moving services Los Angeles. Calculate the cost of moving and packing your old furniture. And calculate it without some of it and buy new ones. Buying all furniture is expensive. We recommend buying only items that were damaged and hard to move.

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