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IT equipment packing tips to apply when moving internationally

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    As the world continues to go digital, IT equipment becomes increasingly important to businesses all over. So if you decide to relocate internationally and use the services of movers Los Angeles, you will need tips for IT equipment packing. Moving is not easy, and when you add the stress of relocating something as valuable as computers or server racks, things get complicated. You want professionals to handle your office relocation, in order to save yourself the worry.

    IT equipment packing and shipping logistics

    Transferring equipment internationally is different than moving them locally. They are handled by multiple people and transferred with different sorts of freight. This is why they need to be packed with care. Here are some basic packing tips:

    • reuse the boxes when moving your equipment
    • use bubble wrap or even better anti-static bubble warp
    • separators for cables are a must for IT equipment packing, to prevent them from tangling

    When transporting electronics, the best way to protect them is to reuse the boxes. Use the one that the computers, printers, fax machines, and other equipment came in. Use boxes that are specifically designed for protecting electronics if you don’t have the original packaging. Moving boxes Los Angeles can provide safe transport, and professional service.

    Computers and headphones
    IT equipment packing is important when moving expensive and fragile items from your office

    Here at international moving company Los Angeles, we understand how important proper packing is. Boxes you should use typically have thicker cardboard and have double walls. They are different than your ordinary moving boxes. You may also find special packing and moving instructions in the manual that came with your equipment.

    In addition to cushioning computers, IT equipment, and other electronics, bubble wrap will protect them against bumpsAnti-static bubble wrap is the best choice for protecting your equipment against static electricity, even if it costs a little more. Do not save money on the package, as it can cost more to repair the damage than to invest in great packing service.

    Shipping and logistics

    Whenever we are transporting oversize, expensive, or sensitive IT equipment, we must exercise extreme caution and be aware of all possible dangers. It is ideal to hire a logistics company specializing in shipping IT equipment, such as servers and racks. They can help ensure that valuable assets arrive on time and damage-free thanks to the skill and experience of their packaging engineers, freight handlers, and logistics experts. If you decide that you want to leave some of your equipment behind, make sure to contact storage Los Angeles. They will give you advice on how to properly store your IT equipment.

    IT equipment packing is important for server racks
    Moving IT equipment doesn’t have to be hard if you chose a professional company to help you transfer them

    More IT equipment packing

    Most IT equipment has some date on it. If this data becomes corrupted by electrostatic discharge, contact your IT/Shipping logistics provider for advice. It is essential that anyone involved in IT equipment shipping receives training. You will increase the risk of damage with misunderstanding. It is important to know the value of your computers and other IT equipment before shipping them, then obtain proper insurance. Contact movers Orange County for more IT equipment packing and tips.

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