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How to turn your LA flat into a rental

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The cost of living has increased everywhere recently and especially in California, more specifically LA. So you’ve decided to move and turn your LA flat into a rental. This is more and more common especially due to high post-pandemic inflation and fossil fuel prices. For this task, you’ll need amazing appliance movers Los Angeles to help you with storing and moving things. Because of that, we would like to help you to do the thing right. Let’s dive in and see how will you do this.

Turn your LA flat into a rental by planning, decluttering, budgeting, and storing

First of all, hire an interior designer or make your plans for your new home. Pick some of the most popular styles such as contemporary, minimalist, bohemian, etc., and start planning. One extra tip is that you can use things that you already have to save some money. After that comes the decluttering process, so if you have another apartment or a shed, or a garage you can store their extra stuff. On the other hand, if you don’t have it you should prepare furniture for storage. A lot of moving and storing companies can help you with this, so if you can DIY they can assist you since the packing process isn’t that simple. Also, you can sell some of your things during the decluttering process. Other than that you can recycle, reuse, repair things, donate and leave throwing away as the last resort.

Now the only thing left is budgeting. You can try to use many calculators or pre-made sheets or any other application. Bud budgeting is important especially if you’re planning on renovating and doing some painting work, reorganizing, tearing down walls, and building new ones. We at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage as one of the most reliable companies can help you with moving and storing any of your things. Movers must know the city especially LA since this way you’ll save a lot of time on traffic. Also, good movers will know how to navigate through hallways and difficult stairs, heck even get the piano through the windows if necessary.

Gray standard color book near green eraser on a table;
if you’re not sure how to turn your LA flat into a rental contact a professional interior designer or look for solutions online.

Study the law and make a marketing budget

Study the law so you know your rights and you’re the right of your tenants too. There is a lot of content online so you can find it there or talk with your lawyer.  An overview of Landlord-Tenant Laws in California is a must so give it a good guide and a recap so give it a try. Also, try to download paperwork and other forms online, but be careful since some of them change over time. The best solution here would be to talk to your attorney and also you should understand Fair Housing laws and all of your responsibilities as a landlord.

After that, you should start a social media ad campaign or hire an agency to do it for you.  You can use some of the popular apps and websites like

  • Booking
  • Airbnb
  • Agoda Homes
  • Blueground
  • Sonder
  • Marriott Homes & Villas
  • Homestay
  • Plum Guide
A person using a MacBook pro on a white table and searching for an apartment on Airbnb, while thinking about how to turn your LA flat into a rental;
Airbnb is the most popular app for renting your apartment.

This website will ask you for some fees but you should also regulate the taxes since fees don’t include taxes (in most cases). After that, you should create a budget that you should use for a marketing campaign. If you have some luxurious property a building is between $750 to $1,500 a month. According to a new survey, real estate agents usually take 8%-12% of monthly rent, but some websites state 4%-6%, so take your time and look before you opt for an agency. There is another good reason why the agency will do this they’ll set the right price.  So you don’t have to research the market, etc. plus the agent will always try to negotiate a higher price.  The property manager will take care of all of your paperwork.

Banning pets, tenants, and Section 8

When it comes to pets you should check your local laws but we did that for you. Currently, you can ban pets in California except for service animals but there is a catch.  First of all, we need to get clear with two types of animals: service animals and emotional support animals (ESAs). If the ESAs have a letter it means that “the pet” is actually like a prescription drug, so you can’t ban them. For service animals, we won’t talk about them since they are like limbs for people with disabilities so you can’t ban them too. Also if you let tenants with pets you can’t ask them to declaw or devocalize their pets. And if you are moving out be aware that there are Los Angeles interstate movers that will not be able to move your pets too.

In California, you’re prohibited to reject a potential tenant just because he has a section 8 voucher. But what is section 8? Section 8 housing program is there to assist low-income families in finding houses that fit within their resources. The statute expanded California’s already-existing anti-discrimination laws for income sources to include voucher recipients. This means that if the tenant has a section 8 voucher with a service pet you must let them in.

A man, a woman, and a dog laying on the big carpet on the floor;
Pets are allowed under most circumstances in the state of California.

A final thought on how to turn your LA flat into a rental

These are our tips on how to turn your LA flat into a rental. If you need any extra tips please check out our blog section. In a nutshell, you should first make a budget, plan everything, hire a designer, start renovating, study all the laws and talk with your lawyers, hire a real estate agency and you’re good to go. For any extra things that you don’t want to recycle, throw away, or can’t put anywhere think about placing them in climate controlled storage Los Angeles where they’ll be safe and sound. That would be it for this article, have a great time turning your LA flat into a rental.

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