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How to transition to a long distance relationship after moving to a new city

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So you’ve fallen in love and for some reason, you have to move now to another city. But don’t worry because we at moving and storage Los Angeles can help you with this. We’ll help you how to transition to a long distance relationship after moving to a new city. So let’s see what can you do about this!

In the transition to a long distance relationship technology is your strongest ally

First of all, we all know that everyone is on their phone nowadays. So what psychologists suggest is that you should hear more often than text. Everyone knows that texting is the most popular way of communicating but it can often be misleading.  For example, if you’re moving to Seattle from Los Angeles and you’re often too busy, make some room for in-depth conversations with your partner. Even better modern tech can allow you to even see each other.  So use apps such as:

  • Zoom
  • Discord
  • FaceTime
  • Google Du
  • Instagram,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Skype,
  • Messenger

Technology can offer your comfort that 15 years ago was unimaginable. Now with 5G technology internet, the connections are smooth and aren’t legging like with 3G or 4G. You can also use the power of the internet to get free moving quotes Los Angeles. On the other hand, don’t use technology in a bad way a.k.a. don’t stalk your partner. Maybe they are really busy or are just doing something new, it’s a new city. So texting over the day and phoning mostly in the morning or at the night. You must feel close and that you are physically there in every aspect of your relationship otherwise it’ll be really hard and it’ll hardly work out.

Different apps on phone;
If you are thinking about how to transition to a long distance relationship technology is your biggest ally

Planning and meeting in person after moving to a new city

So the most important part of the move is that it isn’t permanent. First of all talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend if they can move with you. If they can’t then don’t forget to see them often. This is where planning kicks in, planning is the most important part of a career, school, moving, relationship, etc. So plan well ahead when shall you see them? Use a Google Calendar which is a free schedule, so you can both see, does anything overlap so you can see each other? There are also free apps for Android and iOS. Just make sure that you should see each other at least once every 3 months, now the best time is if you could see each other every month. Now this will depend on many factors such as university, career, family, etc.

But be warned that if you don’t see each other too often it may look to your partner like you’re trying to avoid them. That is not an indicator of a strong will for a long distance relationship after moving to a new city; it’s just the opposite. If you need office movers Los Angeles we can help you with this, but if you want to work long hours at the office and not call your partner, well then that’s a problem. Also, you should see each other in your new city, your old city and somewhere in between. Also, be prepared you should both be prepared for emergency visits. In case something bad happens, or one person is depressed or super lonely, the other person must visit him/her.

Silhouette of a man and a woman kissing, and thinking how to transition to a long distance relationship after moving to a new city;
Plan ahead when can you see each other to build anticipation. This will feel like when you were a kid and counting the days till Christmas.

Honestly, prioritize each other and buy more gifts

We talked about romance so you must prioritize each other and schedule dates, dinner, and everything online. We know that it’s best in person but maybe you can’t wait that long. Especially if the destination is far away. So be creative as well, send pictures, videos, TikTok, Snaps, whatever you prefer. Now you can also agree on a movie night, so you can watch the same movie or documentary. Before you start packing for moving abroad let your partner help you. Moving abroad can be exceptionally difficult especially if the other will need a visa, plus it’s more expensive. So in that face online is your cheapest and most reliable option.

So some people suggest that if you can’t live apart you shouldn’t live close, think about that too. Because all of this moving, waiting, and missing may be a good opportunity to see what is your relationship really about. One of the stronger signals that you’re sending to friends, family, and loved ones are gifts, that way you’re showing how much you know them. You can use this opportunity to surprise them with simple things, like ordering dinner for them or sending a box of chocolates. Little things do matter, don’t forget that, and don’t overdo it. Also don’t overdo phoning, messaging, or TikToking, anything that is too compulsive will eventually become boring. It may even scare the other person.

Two people looking at Christmas presents;
You don’t have to wait until Christmas, to surprise your partner, do it now!

How to transition to a long distance relationship after moving to a new city – conclusion

The whole moving process is hard enough, this will only make it a bit harder. But you have to stay positive, and strong, keep them in your heart and never let them go. Use any free days to see each other and we’ll help you with the move, but all other moves are on you. So we hope that we helped you with how to transition to a long distance relationship. If you haven’t forgotten plan your holidays, vacations, and any kind of adventure and travels together. Have a great time in your new city and don’t be scared. We hope that you found this article useful and have a great move!

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