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How to throw a housewarming party in LA on a budget

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    Housewarming parties are a nice custom that people do after moving. This process includes a lot of stress, and a party is everything but that. You will be able to relax, rewind and get ease into the new community. But since moving is expensive, you might have exhausted your finances for some time. And since it only makes sense to organize a housewarming party soon after moving, should you just give up? Definitely no! If you moved with some moving and storage Los Angeles companies, you will have just enough money to throw a memorable party. If you don’t believe us, keep on reading to learn how to organize a housewarming party in LA on a budget.

    Can anything be done in LA on a budget?

    LA, like many other big cities, is notorious for being an expensive place. It recently ranked as the fourth most expensive place in the world, so should you even bother doing anything on a budget here? Since you decided to hire some long distance movers Los Angeles and come here, you seem to have your finances in order. But a housewarming party should be glamorous and expensive to be good. The atmosphere and the vibe of the party are what counts, and that cannot be bought with money. To organize a killer housewarming party in LA on a budget, you will need to:

    • Start planning on time
    • Ditch the fancy decorations
    • Make the food by yourself
    Picture of two happy women decorating for their party
    A housewarming party in LA on a budget is all about the atmosphere at the party

    A well-timed plan is crucial

    Planning might often seem like a step that can be skipped, but you cannot do some things without a plan. Even moving with some residential moving companies Los Angeles CA should not be intended without a plan. If you know that you want to have a party, you can start planning as soon as you make it to your new home. The biggest reason why many things that should not be expensive turn out this way is because there was no time to do the things. A good plan will keep you on track, always knowing what needs to be done next.

    Fancy decorations are not needed when planning a housewarming party in LA on a budget

    The people that are going to attend your celebration will come there for you. Decorations might be a nice addition to the ambiance, but they are often an unnecessary expenditure. If you have a small amount of money set aside for this purpose, and you will if you moved with some moving companies Orange County, you can never go wrong with the simplest fairy lights. Their yellowish tone will make the atmosphere very relaxing and calm, perfect for getting to know your new neighbors.

    Homemade food is always the best

    The biggest expense for parties is usually the food and drinks. The price increases have affected everything, food and moving quotes Los Angeles, so you might think that ordering or making yourself will turn out the same price-wise. But making the food yourself will always be cheaper, and taste better. Apart from that, you can control what goes into the food, apart from love. If you don’t have time to do everything yourself, you can call someone for help. And don’t think that people will expect a Michelin Star restaurant-worthy meal, appetizers, and sweet snacks are always a good choice.

    Picture of a man who intended to throw a housewarming party in LA on a budget by making food
    You can control the ingredients that go into the food if you make it yourself

    Your housewarming party in LA on a budget will be memorable!

    Throwing a housewarming party in LA on a budget doesn’t mean that the result will be of inferior quality. It simply means that you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on something, while still having the desire to do it. This is completely understandable, especially due to the effects of the pandemic. Everybody is yearning for some social interaction and saving money alike. Your party will offer that for you, so have fun!

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