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How to store musical instruments in Seattle

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    Valuable belongings can be divided into two categories. The first category comprises of expensive items. And the second of objects with emotional value. Musical instruments most often belong to both of these groups. But, besides being valuable to us, musical instruments are often quite sensitive too. This makes their transportation and storage even more complicated. Moving from Washington to California with musical instruments, for example, takes a lot of planning. But with the right help, this task can be an altogether different story. And, with some useful tips on how to store musical instruments in Seattle, you can further improve the odds for success. So here are some of our guidelines. 

    The best storage units in Seattle

    Start your project by researching some of the best storages in Seattle. Do not settle for anything less than you had in mind. There are some excellent storage units Dupont WA with all the necessary qualities for storing musical instruments. Your storage should be safe, first of all.  Next, it should be in good condition and modernized as much as possible. And finally, it would be great if your storage is close to you and easily accessible. 

    inside of a spacious and well-organized storage
    Store musical instruments in a safe and clean storage

    Prepare the instruments for storing

    Once you have found the adequate Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, you should begin with the preparation. The preparation of delicate items such as instruments includes careful wrapping and packing procedures. The easiest way to do this is to follow this checklist: 

    • Buy quality supplies for wrapping and packing.
    • Use the original packaging whenever possible.
    • Disassemble the instruments whenever possible.
    • Clean and disinfect all the instrument parts.
    • Secure them with shipping tape after laying them into a box or crate and.
    • Use additional protection such as bubble wrap or crumpled paper wherever there is a space left.

    The last one is to prevent the instrument parts from moving inside of the box and to prevent any damage. Moving to LA from Seattle, for instance, is a long way. And so, it is better to take all the precautions. 

    A mother and a daughter wrapping in a bubble wrap, preparing to store musical instruments
    You will need to use a lot of bubble wrap to protect your musical instruments

    Store musical instruments properly

    To store the musical instruments properly is equally, or even more, important than the protective packing. Don’t forget that you need to position some of the boxes upright and some horizontally. Also, if you have a large number of musical instruments and scarce space for storing, you might need to put some of them on top of the others. This is not advisable. But, if you don’t have an alternative, try placing the bigger and stronger instruments first and then the rest on top of them. Professional furniture movers Seattle can assist you greatly with this. 

    Departing from your beloved musical instruments is not easy. But sometimes storing them, for some time, is for the best. It gives you enough space to organize your other projects. And don’t worry. If you find a trustworthy moving company with excellent storage options, nothing unwanted should happen. So rest assured that, if you store musical instruments in Seattle, with all the great storage options, they will be safe. Finally, don’t miss to enjoy Seattle and every future musical destination of yours!

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