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How to spot moving scams in Denver

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Moving takes a lot of energy, time, and money, that’s a fact. That’s why it requires your full attention. However, relocations are often fertile ground for various scams. From moving companies suddenly raising the prices to hold your items hostage. However, if you know the possible moving scams, you’ll be able to avoid them. Luckily, we have gathered useful tips and red flags to spot moving scams in Denver. Stay tuned and prepare for the project called avoiding moving scams.

Are moving scams in Denver common?

Let’s begin by saying that the vast majority of moving companies are honest and trustworthy. Such a moving company is Los Angeles Transfer and Storage. However, there are still some moving companies that aren’t trustworthy. Some of them will even try to pull a moving scam on you. Luckily, moving scams in Denver don’t occur that often. Yet, when they happen, they can be quite costly. Both financially and emotionally. Some statistics say that damages due to moving scams average at around $8,000. Therefore, you should do everything possible to protect yourself against moving scams. Especially if you’re moving from Denver to Seattle.

A board about customer service
One of the best ways to prevent moving scams in Denver from happening is to hire a reliable moving company.

How to protect yourself against moving scams?

If you pay attention and know the basics, you can notice moving scams in time.  Even though they are well thought out and often not easy to spot. One thing is sure, if you hire reliable piano movers in Denver, you can be sure about your precious musical instruments. And all your other precious belongings. That’s why we emphasize the importance of hiring the best moving company. Besides, there are many things you can do to protect yourself from moving scams. Eventually, you will successfully avoid the loss to your budget, time, and nerves. Therefore, the first part of doing that is to spot moving scams in Denver before they occur. You should pay attention to the signs that point out that the movers are being dishonest.

The first signs of moving scams

As we already mentioned, many signs can point to a moving scam. However, not all of them are easy to notice at first. Also, not all of them are a sure way to know that you are being scammed. For instance, if you’ve found affordable appliance movers Denver, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad sign. It can mean that you’ve found the good guys who are running a discount. Therefore, make sure to properly check the movers in question and that you are in a good way. 

Shady contracts- pay attention

One of the most important things you can do to avoid moving scams is to ask for a moving contract. However, if you’re dealing with a fraudulent moving company, even a contract isn’t enough. It doesn’t have to mean everything is fine and you’re safe. Therefore, it’s important to read the entire contract before signing it. Especially because many shady moving companies try to skirt the law with shady contracts. They make a contract so that they protect themselves and leave much room for interpretation. For instance, they can insert a clause that allows them to charge you more. Or push the delivery date for some reason. So, make sure to read the moving contract carefully and protect yourself.

A person signing a contract
It is crucial to read your moving contract carefully.

Is a handshake contract a sign of moving scams in Denver?

Of course, a handshake contract is a sure sign that something is wrong. No reputable moving company relies on a handshake contract, that’s for sure. Note that if you don’t have the deal in writing, it’s like it didn’t happen. First, that is illegal, and second, you aren’t protected from possible moving scams. Just the opposite, you’re exposed to them. One of the possibilities is that they can change the terms of the contract while holding your belongings. Therefore, before you hire movers, make sure you have a moving contract.

More signs of moving scams in Denver

There are more signs to pay attention to if you want to avoid moving scams. Here are some of the most important and most often ones.

  • Low prices

First, low prices are not always a sign of moving scams in Denver. On the other hand, many moving scams start at a very low price. As in life, if anything is too good to be true, it usually is. The situation is not much different with fraudulent moving companies that offer a low price. Scamming movers often offer a very low estimate to allure you to hire them. Then, after they load your belongings, they start raising the price. However, at that point, they already hold your belongings. Afterward, you are left with no choice but to comply.

  • Volume pricing

This is a situation when a moving company offers a price based on the space your belongings take in a truck. Not based on weight, which is common. While this is fine for a local move, that will not be the case for your long-distance relocation.

  • Phone bids

A serious moving company such as Los Angeles Transfer and Storage will never give you a bid over the phone. Especially without even having a look at your belongings. Every reputable moving company will first often offer a free moving estimate. But first, they will send you someone to physically inspect your belongings. Therefore, if movers offer you an exact price over the phone, you can be sure something isn’t right. That is a red flag that you should take seriously and spot moving scams in Denver on time.

Man holding a phone
A bid over the phone is a sign of a scam.


The conclusion is that there are many ways you can end up being a victim of moving scams in Denver. However, another conclusion is that there are good ways to protect yourself. Therefore, pay attention to small details and ask your movers if something seems strange. And the bottom line is to hire only licensed movers with experience and reputation. That way, you can be sure that you and your belongings are protected and safe.

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