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How to simplify last-minute moving

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Have you just found out you got a new job transfer and will have to move? Maybe the owners of the house you are renting decided to sell the property, giving you a one-month notice. In any case, you are obliged to go through relocation you didn’t see in your plans for the future, all happening in a matter of weeks or days. How do you prepare? How do you manage to simplify last-minute moving without the entire process going down the drain? You may not know it yet, but we here at Los Angeles Transfer and Storage are experts in both last-minute moving and a long-expected relocation. We have what it takes to help you make this matter as simple as possible yet successful at the same time.

The best way to simplify last-minute moving is by hiring appropriate help

And when talking about moving, what can be better than hiring a reliable moving company in your area? If you hire the right moving company and if you have the budget for it, you could opt for a full-service move. This way, your movers will take care of every moving task, practically leaving you to enjoy your time. But we understand that paying for all the moving services movers offer is sometimes not a feasible option.

In that situation, you should make sure you hire an experienced company that can help you with the basic tasks. Like loading/unloading the moving truck and transporting your items from point A to point B.

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Seal the deal with a reputable moving company and leave all the moving stress at bay.

How do you find a reliable moving company? It’s simple! Just browse the web for companies in your area, and watch what others had to say about them. For example, by typing in ‘local movers LA,’ you’ll get the names of dozens of moving companies in the search results. If one of them looks suitable for your needs, check how they stand with the Better Business Bureau and with the American Moving and Storage Association.

Also, check different forums and search for other people’s experiences with the company in question. You are bound to discover many useful pieces of information.

And then get some more help

Movers are a great way to simplify last-minute moving, but their help alone won’t be enough. You need a crew that will help you shop for packing supplies, that will assist you with packing your items, and that will provide emotional support. You need your best friends and family members. Call them in, explain the situation, and don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. And once your move is over, reward them by taking them out on a nice lunch or buying them all symbolic gifts. They did get you through your last-minute move, after all, so they certainly deserve it!

Three women help each other simplify last-minute moving.
Your friends should be there for you through thick and thin, and we’re sure you’ll get a chance to return the favor.

You don’t have enough time to pack everything you own

Packing up all of your items is a truly lengthy process. And that’s not something you can afford when moving on short notice. For that reason, we suggest you give yourself a day or two to go through all of your belongings and separate all the things you might do without. And how can you tell whether an item is a necessity or not?

  • If you haven’t used the item in question for a year, chances are you won’t need it again. 
  • In case your item is showing signs of decay, it will be better to replace it. 
  • If your clothes don’t fit anymore, they are ready to be donated or thrown out. 

Once you decide to throw something away or donate it, don’t look back. Questioning whether you made the right decision or not won’t do you any good. It will just make you doubt yourself, which will make this process more complicated and lengthier than it has to be.

The lower body of a man that's holding a backpack.
Have some clothes that don’t fit anymore? Why not donate them?

Tackle one room at a time

We completely understand your need to frantically start packing the first thing that you see. You do have only a bit of time on your hands. But that’s not the right way to approach last-minute packing. Instead, you should be as organized as possible and tackle one room at a time. What many pros suggest is that you start by packing your kitchen first, as this area of the house is the most difficult one to pack. Ideally, you should leave your bathroom for the end, but that’s up to you!

Before you start packing up your items in boxes and sealing them with tape, make a plan of action. Decide which room is going to be packed on which day and actually stick to your plan. Otherwise, the whole point of making a plan gets lost in the process. You are soon bound to see that with a good plan in place, packing for a last-minute move will be that much easier.

Don’t panic if you want to simplify last-minute packing!

Finally, we know that your first instinct when going through a move of this magnitude will be to panic. That’s just human nature. But what you should do is try to control your emotions as much as possible. You certainly won’t manage to simplify last-minute moving by pacing up and down and wracking your brain as to what could go wrong.

There are just some things you don’t have any control over, and this is one of them. What should you do instead? Take a walk. Spend some time with friends. Take your pet out for a walk. Deal with the positive things in life (and there are many of them) and even the prospect of moving in the last-minute won’t be as hard as it seems. After all, life is better when you just relax and take things one day at a time.

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