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How to recognize fake online moving reviews

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Packing your bags and moving to another location is a huge step in anyone’s life. So, having a professional moving company to assist with multiple tasks is a smart decision. Apart from saving a lot of time, energy, and nerves, you would also get the peace of mind knowing that every single thing is taken care of in the best possible way. However, how does one go about finding a proper moving company in Los Angeles these days? The internet sure is an excellent source of the vast majority of information one can obtain. Still, as the internet is open for everyone, the accuracy of the information you get there cannot be considered too reliable. Howbeit, this is not the reason to give up on this method altogether. Learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews, and you are golden.

Recognize fake online moving reviews

Although it may seem hard at first, recognizing fake reviews is more straightforward than it looks. Multiple red flags will help you be the true Sherlock Holmes in this game. First, you should start by paying attention to the attitude of the review itself.

A magnifying glass and spectacles on a book
Wake up the inner detective in you when approaching this task.

If the review is full of praise and overly positive comments, it is a good sign that it’s fake. Now, that does not say that a positive review automatically means it is false. However, it is smart to be mindful of impossible combinations such as ‘the best movers ever’ paired with ‘the cheapest company around.’ No one is that perfect.

On the other hand, you should also be wary of overly negative reviews. Again, this does not mean that you should disregard negative reviews altogether. It’s just that negative reviews that state no particular reason for such feedback are usually fake.

Be mindful of the reviews that are too generic

Don’t let this confuse you. Yes, we said that overly positive and too negative reviews often point to them being fake. And now, we claim that a general review is also not to be trusted. We know that this seems like there is no safe ground. However, you can find an honest and reliable review. Still, for feedback to be credible, it ought to include some details about the relocation process itself. Answering questions that include some particular service, the movers’ preparation, and the availability of quality moving boxes are all good signs. The more details, the better.

Therefore, if you happen to stumble upon a review that says ‘good movers, would recommend,’ chances are you are looking at a fake customer testimonial.

Try your best to analyze the language

Let us try to be objective and honest here. The vast majority of people tend to restrain themselves from using academic language when writing reviews. The reasoning behind this is simple. It is not one’s goal to sound like Shakespeare, but rather leave an honest review and express their content or discontent.

So, a simple review often implies that you are reading someone’s honest words. You see, not every person will go out of their way to write a review. Unless they are getting paid for it, but that will again help you recognize fake online moving reviews. Some people like to go for simple words, while others lean towards more polished phrasing.

A man in a graduation gown showing a thumbs up
Not many people will go through the trouble of showing their academic knowledge by writing a moving review.

If it so happens that you come across a website that has too many reviews written in academic language, the chances are high that you are looking at fake testimonials. So, what should you take from this? A wide variety of reviews is a great sign. When you find a page that has both complicated and straightforward reviews, eloquent and short, that is a reliable sign of credible online moving testimonials.

Watch for the date and time of the reviews

Sometimes a review might pass all of the previous marks with flying colors and still not necessarily be real. If you noticed any kind of pattern, or a specific date when those reviews were published, chances are some of the moving company’s PR specialists were the ones writing. Or any other person representing the company. An abundance of similarly-written reviews should be considered a red flag.

Additional advice that will help you recognize fake online moving reviews

To truly teach you how to recognize fake online moving reviews, we will add some more tell/tales you should be mindful of. Do not think of them as less important, just because they are at the bottom of this text, however. The more you know, the easier it will be to spot if someone is trying to trick you. So, keep in mind that:

  • Irrelevant testimonials point towards fake online moving reviews. You can recognize them by the way they tend to be off-topic, serving only to promote moving services Los Angeles.
  • Reviews that have names of every single mover can be false. Remembering a name or two is legitimate. However, being able to name all five of the movers who were helping during this hectic time is a rare occurrence.
A man giving a one star review
To recognize fake online moving reviews, you need to be mindful of the ones that just seem too improbable.
  • Repetition of certain words and phrases is also a sign of a fake customer testimonial. Particularly if the company’s name is the one being repeated more than once, if you spot this kind of phrasing, know that you are probably reading a professionally-written review.

What to take from this?

One of the best ways to recognize fake online moving reviews is to put yourself in the shoes of the one writing the review. How would you phrase it? Do not exclude certain variables such as style and certain phrasing, but keep the gist of it in mind.

This will prove to be a tremendous help in fishing out those reviews that serve to trick you. With this in mind, after your relocation, do not forget to leave a review yourself, and help others that are in the situation you are now, find the movers that are (or spot the ones that are not) worthy of their time.

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