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How to protect wooden furniture from damage when moving from Denver

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    You have decided to move from Denver, and now you have to plan the whole move. Moving is not an easy task and it takes a lot of planning and preparation. One of the things you will have to keep in mind is to secure and protect wooden furniture from damage. This means packing your furniture for transportation to your home or to storage units Denver. Either way, the process is the same and here is how to do it.

    Start at the very beginning

    The first step is to look at all your belongings and decide what you want to keep, sell or donate.  Take a look at every piece of furniture and ask yourself will there be space for it in your new home. You need to do this step first because after that comes the time for the moving estimate. You will want to know what you want to move before you get your moving quote Denver.

    How to pack it up

    Now that you know what you want to take with you, it is time to pack. There are two options regarding this step, you can do it yourself of you can employ the professional help of Southern California movers. If you decide to pack everything up by yourself you will need to get materials to get on with it.

    Protect wooden furniture from damage boxes
    You will need to get cardboard boxes for smaller pieces of furniture and wooden crates for bigger pieces of furniture.

    You will need sturdy cardboard boxes and wooden crates for the bigger furniture. If you can, make sure to detach the legs or any other pieces of furniture and wrap it all up individually to minimize the possibility of damage. You will also need corner protectors for the bigger pieces of furniture. For the smaller pieces, bubble wrap will do just fine. Make sure to buy eco-friendly and compostable bubble wrap and packing peanuts. These tools will help you protect all the edges and fragile pieces of your furniture.

    Mark everything to prevent damage

    After you carefully wrap everything and make sure that it stays in position during the transport, you need to label every box.

    Marking boxes
    Make sure to mark your fragile furniture to avoid damage.

    It will help your professional movers Denver team to know which box includes fragile furniture and which does not. So, if you want something taken care of with extra care, make sure to put it on the box.

    You are all set to protect wooden furniture from damage

    With this advice, you should be all set to go. When you move all of your wooden furniture, it is time to give it some love and clean it.

    Wooden furniture
    After you unpack, learn how to take care of your varnished wooden furniture.

    If you are interested in how to take care of it, read this article on How to Clean and Care for Varnished Wooden Furniture. This way, you can keep your wooden furniture looking fresh and new for longer.

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