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How to prepare your pets for cross-country move

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    Relocation is a process that is going to require all your knowledge and persistence to complete. As you already know, there are many details that you need to pay attention to when relocating. No matter whether you may need to ship car from California to New York or you may need to prepare your pets for cross-country move, you should make sure to prepare well in either case. This means investigating and finding out as much as you can about this process. Today, we’re going to try and help you go through this process as simply as possible. After all, as one of the popular moving companies in the state of California, we have gone through this many times so far. Therefore, we should be able to pinpoint exactly what you should be aware of when the time for moving with pets comes. So, bear with us till the end. 

    Dog in a kennel
    Give your dog time to get used to the kennel

    Moving with pets has never been easier

    What we can tell you right away is the fact that moving with pets has never been easier than it is today. In fact, we have had so much time to learn what our pets need from us and when. The process of relocation is not different at all. Thanks to the improvements in different technologies, we can now buy things that are going to make the lives and moves of our pets much easier than before.

    So, the only thing that you would need to do when contacting Los Angeles Transfer and Storage professionals to be certain that your pets will enjoy their relocation just like you are going to, is to tell your chosen movers what kind of pets you have and how many. The true professionals are going to make sure to provide them with the best care available.

    What you can do to prepare your pets for cross-country move

    Now that you know that professional movers are the right way to approach this process of relocation, let’s take a look at what you can do to prepare your pets for cross-country move.

    Some of the most important things that you should address are the following:

    • Get your pets used to the kennel
    • Find out the best means of transport to travel with your pet
    • Deal with the paperwork
    • Alternative: leave your pet with a friend and come back for it after your long-distance move is over

    Now, let’s take a closer look at these things to keep in mind.

    Get your pets used to the kennel

    In the case that you have had your pet for a while now, you probably have a kennel. In case you do not have one, now is the right moment to buy it.

    Kennels are great. They allow us to transport our pets not only when we are performing interstate moves, but whenever we need to take them along with us. Still, even though they are very useful, there tends to be one major issue with them: pets are used to riding in them and know what they mean: a visit to the vet.

    prepare your pets for cross-country move well
    Moving cross-country is a process that you need to prepare your kids for

    So, you could argue that those pet owners who have not gotten their pets used to riding in kennels have some leverage over the pets who know what kennels mean. Obviously, the sheer fact that your pet is used to going to the vet in a kennel means that you may have issues with getting it into one. So, be smart about it. Do not let your pets escape when they see a kennel. And this happens indeed.

    In the case that this is the first time your pet is getting used to the kennel, you should let it have time to get to know it. Let it sleep in it days prior to moving. This way, spending a lot of time in it is not going to be that much strange to your dog or a cat.

    Find out the best way to travel with your pet

    The next thing on your to-do list should be to decide how you are going to travel. To drive or to fly are two options that you are going to have.

    The distance that you are going to have to cover is going to probably be the determining factor in this process. Therefore, you should make sure to carefully think about what you get from either option. 

    For example, in the case that you have enough time, you could decide to prepare your pets for cross-country move and drive all the way. You could use this time to experience the countryside. If you can, go ahead and get to know the country that we are living in.

    On the other hand, you may decide to save time moving. In this case, flying is the option that you should choose. In the end, the decision on what you are going to do should be and is going to be all yours. Just think carefully and make your decision.

    image of a passport
    Make sure to deal with paperwork on time

    Deal with the paperwork to prepare your pets for cross-country move

    Paperwork is a thing when moving with pets. So, to prepare your pets for cross-country move, plan the time to deal with it.

    This is especially true when moving abroad. So, make sure to find out all you need to know about it before moving day.

    Opt for an alternative

    One option that we have not explored so far is leaving your pet behind. You can leave it with your friends. Take the time to settle in your new home. And then come back for it.

    Surely, this is going to be stressful for the animal. However, this way, you can make the most of the time that you have. Therefore, you should give it a serious thought. Moving is a stressful process even for pets. So, you should prepare your pets for cross-country move the right way. Plus, if they do not have to take part in this process from the very beginning, spare them of it.

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