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How to prepare appliances for LA moving

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Moving your belongings to your new home is not easy. But moving your household or office appliances is maybe the most difficult task. It demands a lot of preparation work. Given the fact this is exhausting, you should think about hiring reliable movers when moving from Colorado to California. Here are some tips to prepare appliances for LA moving if you want to do it by yourself.

Get some supplies to prepare appliances for LA moving

Go step by step so you can do everything right. You will be needing some supplies so you can pack and prepare the appliances:

  • household cleaner to prepare appliances for LA moving
  • cleaning gloves
  • packing tape
  • screwdriver or some other tools
  • foam padding
  • boxes
  • a dolly

All of these are used for different parts of the appliances, and for protection inside of the box. Remember that putting appliances in a huge box with a lot of empty space inside can make the risk of damaging during the relocation. 

Washing machine and the towel
Unplug your appliances and let them dry.


The first step in preparing the appliances is to unplug them. The refrigerator and freezer should be unplugged at least 24 hours before moving. You should leave the door open for moisture to evaporate and defrost before cleaning. In that way, you will prepare them for moving. If your refrigerator unit has an ice maker, disconnect the water line at least 1 day before moving.


When preparing your electric cooker or stove for moving, you just need to clean them properly. You can also remove buttons, lid caps, and racks before packing. If you have a gas stove, read carefully the manual. If you are not sure you can do everything right it is better to contact professionals to prepare it for a new home.


When preparing the dishwasher you should remove the utensil holders and make sure dishwasher units are completely clean. After that, you can use the household cleaner to clean it.

Washing and drying machine

They need special handling so it is better to call the plumber or electrician to help you. But you can remove all the hoses and put them in a separate box and then put them in the dryer or washer. You can also wrap them with the bubble bag to protect them.

can in the fridge
The refrigerator should be unplugged at least 24 hours before moving

Prepare office appliances for LA moving

The same procedures can be applied to your office appliances if you have a mini-fridge or a coffee machine. Prepare everything, unplug, drain, and pack safely. If you do not want to risk the best thing is to call office movers Los Angeles for help. They have a lot of experience and proper packing supplies. Your appliances will be moved in no time. Try not to lose cables. Make sure you pack them and secure them with packing tape.

Pack your appliances

After washing and unplugging your appliances you need to disassemble the massive items. You need to use packing materials that are previously mentioned to protect each part of each appliance. Yous packing tape, duct tape, some bubble bag. Always consult the manuals in order to disassemble and pack them properly. Use a soft fabric or bubble bag and wrap it all around each part. After you have done that, take a box that is adequate in size for that particular appliance and put foam padding inside. After that, just place the parts inside. Make sure you arrange them in a way that will prevent too much moving in the box, and you can fill up the gaps with newspaper. Check if all the doors, cords, or screws are taped and secured before moving.

In case you do not know how to pack, disassemble, or wrap some of the items, a professional team from Los Transfer and Storage will make your packing go smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. Everyone wants to save a dime but it will cost you a lot more if you do it yourself and maybe not in the right way or if you let the amateurs do it. 

In case you want to get rid of some of the items, you can simply sell them on the internet, or make a yard sale. You can also store those items for a while until you find a space for them or a purpose. Your movers can help you with storing your items too. But everything depends on your agreement at the beginning.

Labeling your appliances

This is the last thing but it is also imp0ortant. If some appliances are very fragile and you are worried that they might get damaged during the transfer, you should label them so your movers pay more attention to those items. If you have labeled all the appliances then you should mark differently the items that need some special care. Maybe you could use a red marker, write in bigger letters, in the end, do something that will catch the attention of your movers.

couple packing
Choose the right packing supplies and secure your appliances to be able to use them again.

Reliable movers to prepare appliances for LA moving

Whenever you are moving you are the beginning of a long list of tasks. First, you need to decide what are you going to move, declutter your home. After that comes packing, buying some packing supplies, tools to disassemble some large items. If you do not need a certain item than you can store them, but the trick is to find suitable storage for your belongings. Finally, it comes to relocation and unpacking. If you choose the right movers, then you won’t have to think about that. They will do all the work and you can enjoy your new city and your new home.

Hopefully, these tips will make you a lot easier to prepare appliances for LA moving. Be careful, go step by step and you will relocate all the appliances with no damage, and you can start using the as soon as you move to your new home.

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