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How to prepare an essentials box for moving from WA

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Moving day is soon approaching. Whatever your belongings are being packed by you or Southern California movers, you have one important task to do before moving day arrives. Moving to a new home can’t be completed without an essential box. It might sound strange at first, but it’s very much true. If you think carefully, when you arrive at your new home, all your belongings will be safely packed in moving boxes. You can’t possibly unpack all of them at once, and also you will be likely tired from traveling. This is the reason why you should prepare an essentials box for moving from WA. Here is what every essentials box should have when you are relocating. 

How to prepare an essentials box for moving from WA? 

Moving from Washington to California is a very long journey if you are relocating with your car. In this long journey, you will need your essentials box. Before you start packing it, first you need to what the essentials box is. Like its name says, an essentials box is a box or a bag full of necessary items. Necessary items mean all the things you will need on your journey to a new home and for the first couple of days in a new home. 

An essentials box is important for every type of move, but especially for an international one. International movers Seattle will take good care of your belongings, but you will need to pack your essentials box. An essentials box should have the following.

  • Change of clothes 
  • Toiletries 
  • Medicine 
  • Cleaning products 
  • Personal documents 
  • Bed linens 
  • Food 
prepare an essentials box for moving from WA and putting all bottles inside
Put your bottles for hygiene and beauty in your bag

Why should you pack clothes, cleaning products, and personal documents? 

Even if the professional movers Seattle are the best in the world, you should be the one to pack and transport your personal documents. After all, these documents contain personal information about you and your family, and you should always keep them near you. Every family member should have their own essentials box. If you try to pack everything in just one, then it won’t be a box anymore but a container. For this reason, every family member should pack a change of clothes for a couple of days and pajamas in a separate box. 

Your essentials box should also have the best cleaning products you have. You never know in what kind of state your new home will be when you arrive. For this reason, it’s good to have cleaning products at hand to clean the toilet or kitchen before the general cleaning of the home. 

clothes on the bed
Prepare a change of clothes

What type of food you should pack? 

When you need to prepare an essentials box for moving from WA, you should also include food. Most of the moving services Seattle refer to food as forbidden items to move. For this reason, you should pack the unperishable one in your essentials box. You should pack food like healthy snacks, bottles of water or soda, pastries, and sandwiches. 

Besides the food, also pack kitchen essentials like a few mugs or cups, paper towels, spoon, fork, and knife. As you can see, you should pack everything in your essentials box that you will need before you unpack your belongings. 

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