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How to plan moving a convenience store in CO?

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We are living fast. Opportunities change and make us do some things we weren’t planning, like moving our store to another location. Maybe there is a better location for your store or a space that better suits our budget and needs. Whatever the reason for the move is, you need to prepare everything. It will be quite challenging to do everything on your own so you should hire some of the best Colorado movers. Having a reliable moving company will make you speed-up the relocation process and prevent stress. Besides hiring a moving company, there are some other tasks to handle. Where to start when moving a convenience store in CO? Here are some tips.

Moving sale

Whatever you are moving your home, office, a store, you need a plan. Make a list of tasks and start with preparations. These can be some important steps:

  • make a moving sale
  • find a new location and set everything up before the relocation
  • make an inventory list
  • hire reliable movers for moving a convenience store in CO
  • inform your employees
moving a convenience store
Before the relocation, you can make a clearance sale.

Relocation of a convenience store is not easy because there is a diversity of products like groceries, snack foods, confectionery, soft drinks, tobacco products, over-the-counter drugs, toiletries, newspapers, magazines, etc. Some of these products have a short expiration date and can not stay packed for days in boxes waiting for relocation. So you can make a sale before you start packing all the products and the inventory. A moving sale is a good idea to help you reduce inventory as you get ready to change locations. You will also earn some money, and save some money on not paying for the relocation of certain items. making a sale is also a good advertisement to let people know about your new location.

You can store certain items, too. If you do not need the immediately, and if there is no risk of damage. You can search for storage units Denver residents usually recommend. Make sure that the storage unit you choose is well-secured, clean, and climate-controlled, as well. You should think about protecting your products. So it would be good to buy insurance.

Find a new location for moving a convenience store in CO

If you have decided to move your convenience store it would be good to know already a new location before you start with the relocation. Also, you should find a new store and get it ready. Do all the reparations and remodeling, if needed. Start by setting up your new place with shelving and counters for your cash registers. Make sure that you have an internet connection, that your payments systems are installed, as well as your shelves, counters, and display cases. Put everything in order so you can start working as soon as possible. If you can choose a relocation date, choose a date during the ”slow season”. Pick a date when you are not too busy and when there won’t be big losses due to your relocation. You should think about your budget during the relocation too.

Your store should be clean before you relocate your inventory. It would be good to clean everything before you start filling shelves with the products. Ask your movers for cleaning services. There will be plenty of work so if you hire a reputable moving company, the whole relocation process will be much easier.

relocating a store
Make sure you find a new store and set it up so you can start working as fast as possible.

Make a list of your inventory

When the sale is done you should make an inventory list so you know exactly what you need to relocate. This is also useful to check if everything is relocated when you arrive in your new store. Make sure that all the similar items are packed together in a box, and do not forget to label all the boxes. If you have some shelves, cabinets, cases that you do not need anymore you can sell them too.

Inform your employees

One of the things you should think about when moving your store is your employees. It’s important to communicate plans to move early on and keep them in the loop regarding policies and procedures for the move. If your employees are informed and prepared for the move, the relocation will be easier. Good communication with them will reflect on your business and their productivity. You should inform them about the relocation plan, new location, and clarify responsibilities and expectations. You can discuss with them logistics and all the important details.

inventory list
Make an inventory list.

Hire reliable movers for moving a convenience store in CO

Hiring reliable movers is a crucial step whether you are moving your house, your office, or a store. Every relocation requires a lot of preparations. You will be a lot of packing material, moving truck, moving storage, etc. If you hire reliable movers, you won’t be needing to search for packing supplies. Contact your movers and ask for packing services. All your inventory will be properly packed and relocated to your new location, of course. You will not have to carry heavy boxes, your movers will do it for you. They will load and unload a moving truck.

Do the research about reliable movers that are good in relocating a convenience store. You can search on the internet, read forums, customer reviews, but also ask your friends if they can recommend someone to find reputable movers. It is important to hire a company that has a long tradition, that has a skilled and well-trained team that will provide you with efficient and stress-free relocation. Hiring the movers you can trust will help you not worrying about whether some of your inventory will end up damaged, lost, or stolen. You will be offered insurance too. Start early with all the preparation and hire a reliable moving company for moving a convenience store in CO. If you plan everything ahead your relocation will go smoothly.

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