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How to plan a senior move properly

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When people come of a certain age and decide to retire they start thinking about moving. Whether you have decided to relocate the elderly to be close to relatives, for health reasons, or you simply want to move to another area, you need to prepare in time. Sometimes older people refuse to move even though they need to. That is why their loved ones must understand this and know how they can best help them and facilitate the necessary relocation. Hiring some moving services Los Angeles can bring relief to everyone. Using our advice on how to properly plan a senior move can help you not make the move stressful for anyone.

Cheerful adult daughter greeting mother
Include seniors when you are about to plan a senior move.

Good organization is most important when planning to relocate seniors

When it comes to moving to another city or settlement it is important to start on time. A few tricks can help you make the moving from California to Washington process easier for both yourself and the older person moving. For a good organization of relocation and packing of the elderly, it is important to take small steps

Set aside time each day for clearing and packing when planning a senior move

Older people find it difficult to part with their belongings. Packing for them can be extremely difficult and physically strenuous. So set a couple of hours each day when you unload and pack a certain amount of stuff. This will slowly complete the packaging gradually and make the packaging process easier for your elderly person.

Reduce the number of items that need to be moved

Whether they are moving to a smaller home from a larger one or moving into a house with their family, the number of things that will be moved needs to be reduced. Older people have a habit of keeping a lot of things they don’t need and it’s hard to separate from them. It is up to you to make an effort to decide together what to take with them to their new home. Let them decide for themselves whether they will sell, give away or throw away other things. A good way to do this is to make piles for Yes or No. Avoid maybe pile as they prolong the packing decision time.

Have a sorting system when to plan a senior move

It is not a bad idea to request blueprints of a house in time. This will allow the elderly to get used to the new space in time and arrange their furniture and other belongings in advance. Plan to relocate one room at a time, starting with the one they have used the least so far. Leave the more important rooms for last to allow them time to prepare for the process of packing their favorite things.

Room with wooden furniture
Arrange the furniture in the new house of your seniors so that it is comfortable and practical for them.

Consider hiring relocation professionals to make your job easier

When planning to relocate your seniors there are plenty of practical things to deal with. In addition to the emotional and sentimental problems that can make relocation difficult, there are many things related to planning a senior move. Hiring a good residential moving companies Los Angeles can make it a lot easier for you. People with experience in moving will make the packing and moving process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Include emotions when plan a move seniors

Relocation is not easy for anyone, especially not for the elderly. Moving out of a home where you have spent most of your life can be very stressful and exhausting. In addition to the excitement, there is certainly a fear of change in the old days. So have an understanding of all the emotions that your elders are experiencing and support them. Moving can be further delayed if the older person did not even want to move but was forced to do so. Take your time and continue to lovingly provide understanding. If you leave part of the work to reliable California movers you will have more time to deal with the emotions around relocation. The best way to help them is to be there for them when they need you. 

  • Allow them to say goodbye to their home in their way.
  • Allow them to express all emotions – even sadness.
  • Focus on the benefits of relocation.
  • Don’t consider them incompetent – let them make their own decisions.
  • Be sure to carefully pack their fond memories.
  • If you feel the need, hire professional help to relocate the elderly.
Grandma and granddaughter cook together and plan a senior move
Support your seniors by participating in activities they love.

What after planning to relocate the seniors?

Most people focus mainly on the relocation process. However, it is equally important to organize a period after the moving day itself. When the noise around relocation passes, older people are often left completely alone in a new home. Since they are separated from friends and everything they have known for years, it will be difficult for them. Due to isolation, sadness, they happen to be lonely and depressed. That’s why it’s important to be there for them in the post-relocation period.

Dedicate time and attention to your dear elders even after moving

You need to think carefully about how to plan a senior move. Organize joint lunches or gatherings as often as possible. Older people get attached to people a lot. Help them meet their neighbors to make new friends. Little things can make them happy – participate in decorating their new home the way they want. Help them highlight pictures of dear people, as well as their precious memories. Remind them that you are always there for them and that you love them and they will be thankful.

With a good plan, relocating the elderly is not difficult

If you are involved in relocating an elderly person, it is normal that you are worried about how everything will go. In addition to taking care of their health, you need to take into account the emotions and the practical details of the move. By hiring professionals to do the hard work for you, you make the relocation process easier for everyone. If you think about how to plan a senior move in time, you can dedicate more time to them.

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