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How to plan a cheap relocation to Seattle

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    Relocating on a budget usually means that you will have to forgo some conveniences. After all, moving is all about balancing between cost and convenience. Therefore, when hiring one of the moving companies Seattle has to offer, you will need to look at when they are the cheapest, instead of when it is best for you. Other than that, you will want to get some free stuff, do your own packing, and enlist some free labor. In this article, we are going to show you exactly how you can plan a cheap relocation to Seattle.

    How to plan a cheap relocation to Seattle with ease?

    Here is what you are going to do if you want to save the most money:

    • Avoid peak season when hiring movers
    • Gather free cardboard boxes
    • Pack most of the items on your own
    • Ask your friends for help

    If this is not enough, and you need to save up even more money, you can always do all of the work on your own and only rent a moving truck or a portable storage container. However, it is best if you leave the handling of bulky and heavy items to professionals. There are many moving services Seattle that you can hire that will make your life a lot easier. But you can do most of the stuff on your own if you really have to.

    Avoid peak season when hiring movers

    Booking a moving company is best done as soon as possible. Another important thing to know is that their services will be at their cheapest during the off-season. Contact your movers, talk to them, and see what is the cheapest time of the year for your relocation. If you need one of the best furniture movers Seattle has to offer, you might very well have to wait until they are not too busy, anyway. But for the most part, your relocation is going to be a lot cheaper if you decide to move in, let’s say, winter instead of summer.

    moving truck on the road
    Moving services are a lot more expensive during the peak moving season.

    Gather free cardboard boxes

    Acquiring free containers is one of the better ways of saving money for your move. You will be able to do this by visiting the local stores and asking if they can spare a few boxes for your move. Start with the ones that you frequent the most, as you will have the best chances there. Expand your search in a circle and you will soon have all the boxes that you need.

    Pack most of the items on your own

    Packing services cost quite a bit. Yes, they provide you with ultimate convenience but you will have to devote some resources to obtain them. If you want to reduce the packing cost to a minimum, you are going to need to do the packing. When you are moving to LA from Seattle, for example, you might want to rent a storage unit. And having the money to pay for it might necessitate packing on your own.

    person packing an item
    Packing your own belongings is a great way to save money.

    How to plan a cheap relocation to Seattle – Ask your friends for help

    Lastly, we are not alone in this world. Our friends can, and will, help us in our time of need. Make sure to at least notify your family and friends that you will be moving. More often than not, they will offer their help without you even asking about it. Besides, if you want to plan a cheap relocation to Seattle, you are going to need some free labor. There is no going around that, unfortunately.

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