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How to pick the right size storage unit in Seattle

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Picking the right size storage unit in Seattle is difficult. In such a big-city, options are many. Very often, the more options you have, it gets harder making up your mind. Next to the size, there are numerous other features to be considered too. But the most important thing is that you get adequate service for the money you give. Furniture movers Seattle are aware of your needs as a customer. They will do as much as they can to help you in the process. We offer you some tips on picking the right size storage unit in Seattle.

How much do you really need a storage unit?

Whenever you are considering getting a certain service, you will tend to ask yourself this question. How much do I really need this? Well, in the case of renting a storage unit- a lot!

safety in letters and three keys
Use storage units because the safety of your belongings comes first

And this is why:

  • Your dearest belongings will be in a safe place.
  • You’ll protect delicate materials from the weather.
  • You are keeping the temperature-sensitive goods in a climatized environment.
  • It gives you enough time to plan the transportation of your stored items.
  • Getting the right size storage unit in Seattle is a good investment.

Picking the right size storage unit in Seattle- the sizes available

Picking the right size of a storage unit depends mostly on the size of your load. Although, sometimes it can depend on the distance covered. Moving from Washington to California, for example, means bigger storage. You want to have enough time to plan such a long relocation. And since you are moving so far, you probably need to transport most of your stuff. Here are the usual sizes available.

1. Small size units

There are two types of smaller in size storage units :

a. Miscellaneous units

This is the smallest storage unit available. Its size is 5ft x 5ft, so 25 square feet in total. This kind of storage is suitable for keeping fewer personal items. For instance- you can keep your camping or diving gear inside. This storage is ideal for students or people with temporary employment. 

b. Small bedroom units

As the name itself says, this is storage big enough to place a smaller bedroom in it. With its still modest size of 5ft x 10 ft or 5o square feet, it can be ideal when renovating only one room. Several pieces of furniture, plus few additional boxes will fit inside without a problem.

2.Medium size storage units

There are two kinds of medium size storage units too:

right size storage unit in Seattle
Medium-sized storage can fit the most or all of your furniture.

a. One or two-bedroom apartment

If your apartment is of this size, this is the right size storage unit for you. You would, actually, be surprised how much can fit inside 10ft x 10ft, or 100 square feet. Everything mentioned in the previous category plus seasonal clothes, bicycles, bookshelves, and similar. Alternatively, you can place a smaller office here.

b. Two or three-bedroom home

Next, in case you are looking for a slightly larger place to store items like mattresses, major appliances, bulky work equipment. This storage has a volume of around 10ft x 15 ft, so 15o square ft or more. But usually, it is below 200ft. This storage is suitable for houses up to 3 bedrooms. Many boxes and furniture can fit inside. If you are moving to LA from Seattle, you can opt for something like this.

3. Large storage units

We finally reached the biggest storages there are. These storages are impressive in their size. Nearly anything can fit inside. Generally, if you are looking for storage that will without a doubt be big enough, go for large. If do not care so much about the cost as long as the business gets done, this is your storage size. 

a. Three or four-bedroom unit ( 2000 square feet)

For those who have a three to four-bedroom apartment or house, this is perfect storage. Medium size office can easily fit inside too. This is a unit with 10ft x 20 ft volume or 2000 ft total. Nearly any piece of furniture or equipment can be placed inside.

b. Three or four-bedroom unit ( more than 2000 square feet)

Lastly, this is for those who don’t want to have second thoughts about whether their storage is big enough. Opt for more than 2000 feet of storage. Even, most of the cars can fit inside of this storage. And if you are moving your whole house or a large office, you won’t have any problems with this storage. 

Common mistakes when choosing the right size storage unit

These are the most common mistakes when choosing your storage size.

Underestimating your load when choosing the right size storage unit in Seattle

Naturally, you will try to save as much as you can during your move. But if this means that your storage unit ends up being too small to support all your goods, it is not worth it.  Your loss may end up being bigger in the end. For instance, your expensive equipment gets damaged for not being stored properly. So, choose storage units Dupont WA and get all your belongings safe. 

Not selecting your items ahead- getting too large of a storage

You won’t guess the right storage size unless you have done the preselection of your belongings. Some of your items have priority moving so they don’t need storage, for example. Others are better sold, donated, or even thrown away. So be careful when choosing your storage items. Not everything belongs in storage.

presents with a tag
Donate some stuff before picking the right size storage unit in Seattle

Sacrificing the size to the location 

The location of your storage is important but it should not override the importance of its size. In any case, your movers are the ones who will transport the load from there, and not you. Finally, you are not the one who should worry about the distance.

To summarize, when choosing the right size storage unit in Seattle- think twice, cut once. We hope that our list of storage sizes and our examples helped you in deciding. And if unsure, always go for larger.   

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