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How to pack your office for an interstate move

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When it comes to moving a business, one thing is certain. It is a huge undertaking, with many obstacles. However, it doesn’t have to be costly or nerve-wracking. All it takes is planning ahead, good organization, a focus on safety, and the help of one of the best moving companies Los Angeles can offer. With these four things combined, you can pack your office for an interstate move like a pro! When running a business, the main thing you want to do is prevent downtime. The longer your office is out of order, the more money you lose, and that’s something you can’t accept. Luckily, with our help, you can do this quickly and easily, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. Now, let’s look into ways to secure yourself with a smooth interstate office move.

employees discussing how to pack the office for an interstate move
With good planning and preparation, your office move will be quick and simple

Starting early puts you ahead of the game

The bottom line is, you want to start preparing for your move as soon as possible if you want to see success. Depending on how large your office is, and how many people you have helping you, it may take you more or less time to get everything ready. A larger office requires a more complex packing process, which takes a considerable amount of time. If you want to see good results, it is wise to start planning everything at least two months in advance. This way, you have plenty of time to find good commercial movers Los Angeles and prepare. In most cases, business owners underestimate the time it takes to fully pack and relocate. When this happens, it completely derails their workflow, and they have to move in a rush. This can be a very costly mistake, so you have to do your best and avoid it.

Use quality supplies to pack your office for an interstate move

Preparing your office means packing everything that is in it and moving it to a new location. Depending on your business type, some of these tools and machines can be very delicate and expensive. This is the main reason why you want to make sure they are fully protected at all times. To do this, you need to invest in good packing supplies which will ensure safe handling and prevent any type of damages. These include, but are not limited to, strong cardboard boxes, moving blankets and bubble wrap, and packing tape. Other items which aren’t mandatory, but can still help, are ziplock bags for smaller parts, zip ties, and plastic wrap. Without good and durable materials, all the preparation you’ve done won’t mean much if your items get damaged during transport. Quality packing materials are definitely a sound investment for your business move.

person signing a contract
It is a very wise decision to get insurance for your office items

Labels help keep everything organized

When you really start packing in earnest, organization is direly needed if you want to stay organized and sane. The best way to keep constant track of your items as you pack them is to label them with plenty of details. This way, you can quickly locate any box you need just by looking at the pile! It works even better if you write a list of contents on each box. This approach can be a lifesaver if you plan to use the help of movers Orange County. If you add numbers to your boxes and note down what each box contains, you can easily check and recheck if everything is there after the move. The best thing about this system is that there are no rules to adhere to. When it comes to labeling, your imagination is the limit. Grab a marker and let your imagination run wild!

Properly pack your computers and gear for an interstate move

There probably aren’t many items in your office more expensive than the computers and machines you work on. Simply put, the success of your business revolves around them, which means their protection is your priority. This is especially important when covering longer distances, such as moving from California to Colorado. There are a few general guidelines to follow if you want maximum safety. Here’s what to keep in mind:

person repairing a computer
Your computers are the heartbeat of the company, so take good care of them
  • Each computer or machine should be packed separately, in its own packing supplies. To ensure a tight hold, wrap everything in moving blankets secured with strong tape. Whenever you can, avoid stacking devices on top of each other, as they can easily topple over during transit.
  • Monitors and screens should be wrapped in bubble wrap to provide the sensitive glass parts with enough padding. If you’re placing them in boxes, fill them with crumpled newspapers or packing peanuts to ensure they can’t move or jostle inside. When securing your bubble wrap with tape, make sure that it doesn’t touch the screen, as the adhesives can damage it.
  • Protect and back up your work data before you pack your office machines for an interstate move. There are many ways to safeguard the data stored on a computer. The first is “parking” your hard drives by lifting each hard drive head from the disk platters to avoid damage. This is, however, a touchy process and should only be done in extreme cases. The other, more approachable way, is to store your files on removable hard drives or use a cloud service to back everything up.

Insurance is always a smart investment

Regardless if you do an excellent job and pack your office for an interstate move to perfection, accidents can still happen. As a last measure of protection in the worst possible scenario, don’t hesitate to invest in item insurance. If you rent a moving truck, add a rental insurance coverage plan to your package. When hiring professional corporate movers, consult with them and choose the best insurance package for your items. If your office tools and equipment already have a manufacturer’s warranty, it will go hand in hand with moving insurance. Even though this option can seem costly at first and shake your moving budget a bit, trust us when we say that it is a smart investment. A good insurance package will cost much less than repairing or replacing your valuable items if they get damaged.

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