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How to pack your king size bed like a pro for a Seattle move

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Preparing for a move can be really exhausting especially if you have to move a lot of massive furniture. Beds are usually large and heavy, and difficult to pack but when you are moving and packing a king-sized bed it is a real challenge. If you want to speed up your moving process and make your relocation goes smoothly the best decision is to hire some of the best moving companies in Washington to help you pack your king-size bed and the rest of your heavy items. If you want to do it yourself here you can find some helpful tips.

Is it worth it

Before you start packing your bed, think it through. Is it worth packing? Think about the general condition of your bed. Is he well preserved, how old is he. Try to remember when did you buy the bed and try to estimate if it is going to fit in your new home aesthetically and if there are some visible damages, etc. Think about the quality of your sleep, do you feel tired or fresh when you get up. Measure the frame of the bed to see if he can pass through the doors and doorways, and in the end if it is too big for your new bedroom. If you have all or most of the positive answers, then you should keep it. Otherwise, it isn’t worth the trouble.

pack your bed
Before you decide to pack your king-size bed check first if it is worth packing and keeping.

Pack your mattress

Besides the bed frame or additional parts like drawers, you need to pack your mattress too. If you have saved the original box or bag for your mattress, it would be ideal.  If not gather a mattress bag or box in the right size furniture pads, moving blankets, plastic sheeting, moving straps or ropes, and a few hand tools. When it comes to packing it is almost the same when packing the bad, you will be also needing:

  • furniture sliders
  • a dolly
  • some tools to disassemble and pack your king-sized bed

If your mattress has handles, you should know that they are not for lifting or carrying. Mattress handles are only for nudging and positioning a mattress once it’s on a bed. It is important to prevent your mattress to get dirty. You can use plastic sheeting to wrap up the mattress and keep it safe and clean. A king-size bed has a mattress that is extremely big. This makes them extremely hard to handle. They are heavy and floppy. So, if you are moving from Washington to California make sure you contact reliable movers to help you handle the packing of your beg and other massive furniture. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

To make the relocation of your mattress easier spread a furniture blanket on the floor. Put the mattress in the center and you can use the blanket edges to carry it. This is much easier than lifting the mattress on its own. The mattress of a king-size bed is very heavy so you will be needing all the possible help. In case you have a special variety of mattresses includes memory foam, gel, and air-filled style mattresses, you should contact the manufacturer. Keep in mind that some of these mattresses should never be stood on the edge, only laid flat.

king size bed mattress
Remove the pillows and the mattress to start packing your bed.

Pack your king-size bed

When you have done with packing the mattress, it is time to pack your beloved bed. You can do it on your own for sure but if you are moving to LA from Seattle it will be much easier to hire a moving company that will do all the work for you. If you still really want to do it on your own, here are the steps you should take. Before packing the bed remove all the pillows, blankets, sheets, and pack them separately. If your bed has storage units underneath you should take out the drawers from the frame.

You should disassemble the bed frame and the headboard if it comes apart. Disassemble all the parts so you can pack the bed easier. Before loading the bed into the truck, wrap the bed frame completely in blankets to prevent scratching. If you have a wooden bed frame cover it completely in blankets or towels and secure it with duct tape, to avoid damage.

When you pack it you need to find a moving truck to relocate your bed but also all the other items. It is really important to take measures of all your items so you can find a moving truck that suits your needs. You can do all of this by yourself, disassembling, packing, finding a moving truck, etc or you can find reliable movers to help you with the move. You will save a lot of time and energy if you have reliable movers on your side.

packing a king size bed
Be careful when packing your king-size bed to avoid scratching it.

Hire reliable movers to pack your king-size bed

As already said, it will be a lot easier to hire reliable movers to help you. You will forget about searching for packing supplies, moving trucks, storage units, but also you will not have to pack all of your stuff, carry heavy boxes, etc. Reliable movers will pack and unpack your items, load and unload a moving truck, relocate your items safely, and remove the packing leftovers. If you have more massive items like a pool table you can hire pool table movers Seattle residents recommend and all the work will be done. It is a lot easier to concentrate on some other aspect of the moving process like finding a new apartment, gather your documents, etc if your movers are here to pack and organize the relocation of your belongings.

Whether you are moving only a few items or the entire home, you should make a good plan and make sure you have reliable movers on your side. It will be a lot easier to pack your king-size bed if you have some professional help.

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