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How to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage

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Someone special is your valentine. You have carefully chosen the decoration for Valentine’s Day and decorated your home. Everything went exactly as you wanted. When all was over, you realized that you have an even bigger job ahead of you, packing decorations for Valentine’s Day. All those hearts in 101 combinations and shapes are another packing challenge. Outdoor and indoor decoration of the house. How to pack it all to stay undamaged until next year? The decoration is difficult to organize and pack efficiently because they are fragile and in a wide variety of odd shapes. When you take all this into account, you will realize that the entire packaging and storage of holiday decorations is a serious business that can easily become chaotic. And the poorly packaged decoration can only end up in the trash next year. To avoid unnecessary chaos, check out how professional movers Los Angeles safely pack all those ornaments.

A woman packing cups
Prepare the necessary packaging material to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage.

Packing away

Before packing, it is important to sort items that you will no longer use. If the ceramic cups for Valentine’s Day are truncated, throw them away. Donate decorations that no longer fit your home to someone. Organize objects based on color, room, or theme.
When you have finished sorting, proceed to the packaging. You will need packing material:

  • Boxes of different sizes (can be both cardboard and plastic)
  • Tape
  • labels
  • scissors
  • box dividers
  • bubble wrap
  • newspaper

Depending on the item you are storing the box type is very important, as well, how long you will keep the item and what kind of Dupont WA storage it is.

Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap and tape. You can put the others in boxes with dividers. It would be good to take photos of everything and mark them with stickers on labels and boxes.

Packing tips for how to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage

Decorations for Valentine’s Day, in addition to packaging, must also be well stored. Make the most of the storage to keep your items in the best possible condition.
You will pack the wreaths by hanging them on a hanger and wrapping them in a plastic bag.
Wrap the ornaments in the newspaper. If they are fragile and small, use a bubble wrap and put them on the top of the box.
You can keep holiday dishes in boxes if you pack them well. Plastic boxes are a good choice, and you can arrange the plates by putting a newspaper on each one. Wrap cups and similar items in bubble wrap and place them on top.

Wrap the lights around your elbow and pack them in zip bags.

Do not overload the boxes, so that you don’t damage the decorations, and make them lighter for moving to Seattle from Los Angeles.

boxes and flowers
Get the right boxes to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage.

Where to store?

Instead of storing your decorations in a damp basement or overheated attic, think about other solutions. You can also entrust the pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage to a moving services Los Angeles. They have experience in this business and can give you useful advice. Their warehouses have all the climatic conditions to keep your things in an excellent state until next year.

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