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How to pack liquid items for a move to WA

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    Moving liquids is always difficult and bound to make a mess. Even when you are trying to carry a cup of coffee from one room to another, you will most likely spill a little. Now imagine transporting liquid items during a move. All the shifting and moving will for sure have something leak. Skilled professionals like some moving company Los Angeles can diminish the chances of this happening, but it is still possible. Since you probably cannot get rid of all of your liquids, you are asking yourself how to pack liquid items for a move? This guide will teach you to have to move them to mess-free.

    When you pack liquid items for a move try to pack as few as possible

    The best approach to accomplish this is to stop purchasing liquids as moving day draws near. Having large amounts of liquids when moving from California to Washington will increase your chances that something will leak. Spend as much as possible, throw or give away almost done products the diminish the amount you carry with you. Most household liquids are easily replaced, and it is often more expensive to transport them than buy new ones. Most liquid items will have to stay with you when moving because moving companies are often prohibited to transport items like:

    • Pesticides
    • Poisons
    • Paints
    • Nail polish removers
    • Cleaning solutions
    • Etc.
    Bottle of nail polish on a surface
    Movers won’t transport most liquids in their moving van

    Use the right packing supplies

    Same as when getting items ready for climate controlled storage Los Angeles, you need to use the right packing supplies. Investing money into good-quality supplies will help you save in the long run by avoiding damage to your belongings. The main things you will need are plastic bins, packing tape, packing paper or bubble wrap, and ziplock bags.

    Packing liquids for a move

    When moving locally, it might be as easy as putting everything in a box and moving it by yourself. A long distance move with some moving companies Burbank CA can get a little more tricky. Even though they will take great care, there are things you can do to ensure that there are no spills. The best preventive measure is to use plastic bins when you pack liquid items for a move. They are much more convenient in keeping messes from happening than a cardboard box. All the liquid containers should be placed upwards and there shouldn’t be any empty spaces. b If you want to add extra protection, you can use towels on the bottom of the containers. Seal the boxes shut with tape and put them in ziplock bags. Label the bins as liquids so that your helpers know how to handle the containers.

    Person holding bubble wrap ready to pack liquid items for a move
    USe bubble wrap to fill out empty spaces between containers

    How to pack liquid items for a move to WA – final thoughts

    It can be quite tricky to pack liquid items for a move, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. If you do get rid of some items, make sure to dispose of the liquids properly. This way you will save yourself stress, money and you won’t harm the environment. We wish you good luck and happy packing!

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