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How to pack holiday ornaments for storage

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Taking out the Christmas ornaments and decorating your house is such a fun and joyful experience every year. All those wreaths, lights, ceramic figures, and of course the Christmas tree. The problem appears when you open the boxes and find chaos. The last year you just showed everything into boxes without giving it too much thought. It is understandable, no one likes packing. If it’s something you dread, you can hire Los Angeles Transfer company to help you. These ornaments are often heirlooms and have sentimental value. And not to mention that most of them are extremely fragile. That’s why it’s important to pack holiday ornaments for storage properly. After all, you will be doing it every year, and this way your decorations will last for years to come.

Why is it so important to properly pack holiday ornaments for storage?

You need to pack holiday ornaments for storage the right way if you want to preserve your decorations and your sanity. This also goes if you are moving from California to Washington. This is a fact because:

  • Important items can easily get misplaced
  • Christmas lights and garlands get those frustrating knots that can lead to broken lights and warped wires
  • Glass and ceramic objects can easily chirp and break

You will have to agree with us that all of these things are frustrating when you just want to set up everything for the festivities ahead. But once the holidays pass and their magic with them, you have to get back to reality and get to packing. Sounds exhausting and boring right? Skipping this step will give you an unnecessary headache the next holiday season, so why risk it?

Fragile Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree
Packing can be frustrating but it is worth it

Declutter and organize your decorations first

Before you start packing, you need to get organized first. And the first step of any organizational process is to get rid of unnecessary items. Discard anything that is broken, doesn’t work or you just don’t need anymore. Putting items you don’t need into one of the storage Los Angeles will just add up on your costs. The second step is to separate the items into categories. The categories can vary depending on the person and how many decors you have. But it is best to separate them into piles like string lights, Christmas tree decorations, wreaths, etc. Putting in this little extra work will keep everything neatly organized for the next season.

Take extra care of the fragile items

All of the piles you made will have items that need some extra care when packing. A rule of thumb is to separate items that are made out of glass and ceramic. But even if something isn’t made of these materials, it could be breakable. Any items that you worry about should be put into this category before handing them over to one of the moving companies Burbank CA. Label them as fragile and you are good to go!

Gather the containers and packing supplies for packing

At this point, all your decorations will be separated and you will have an idea of how many supplies you need. One container – one pile is a good rule. When trying to pick the type of container, think as if you would be if you were doing a move with one of the office movers Los Angeles, the more protection the better. Plastic boxes are way safer and can be reused indefinitely. When it comes to packing supplies, things you will need are packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, box dividers, and markers.

How to pack decorations

Whether you are using plastic or cardboard boxes, the technique is the same. Keep all the piles you made separated, use packing materials to wrap items and fill in gaps and remove all the batteries before packing. Batteries can become hazardous if they leak while in storage.

Family trying to decide how to pack holiday ornaments for storage
The packing technique is the same for whatever type of containers you are using

How to pack holiday ornaments for storage – conclusion

As you can see, when you pack holiday ornaments for storage, preparation is more important than packing itself. Investing a little bit of time each year to do this will keep your decorations intact for years to come. And you will be able to enjoy a stress-free Christmas every year. We wish you happy packing!

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