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How to pack electronics for an interstate move

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    So you’ve chosen where to move and now it’s time to pack. If you’ve decluttered properly you’ll be left will all electronics that you’ll want to move or store. We as one of the most reliable Los Angeles Transfer and Storage companies would like to help you with that. We’ll provide you with some of the best tips on how to pack electronics for an interstate move. We know that packing materials are getting more expensive as well as renting a truck or van; so rethink about hiring professionals to help you with this. If you want stress free move or if you’re out of time, that’s another signal to think about contacting a professional moving company. So let’s dive in and see what awaits you!

    Pre-packing electronics for an interstate move

    Before you start packing, just be sure that you’ve gathered all the guarantees and manuals. If you’re not sure not to connect all the items back together, make a video or take photos. If you’ve lost or thrown away manuals, try to find the right one by using the serial number on the internet. Also, you can just use Youtube or Google, as a source of information. If you’re moving with a professional company ask them about moving insurance, and they’ll be glad to help you. If you want to DIY, try using an app like Tile and TrackR so that if a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone gets lost you can easily find it.

    A man and a woman wrapping and packing an item, while talking about how to pack electronics for an interstate move;
    Planning and getting all the manuals and guarantees on time is important in order to pack electronics for an interstate move

    Labeling when packing electronics for an interstate move

    Before you start packing, you have to declutter properly. So you’ll divide all of your boxes into 6 different categories such as trash, keep, fix, donate, sell and store. This is crucial because it’ll make the packing process much faster. First, you’ll need colored sticky notes, a Gear Tie, or any type of cord organizer. Use the same colors to label cables and devices that go together, so you can sort them better that way. We can offer you packing and moving services Los Angeles so if you need any help, you can contact us. If you have different power supplies and you’re putting the machine down, label which machine device it powers. Two methods are the most popular

    • Organize by device e.g. living room blu ray, so you can put in this box the device and the cable.
    • Organize by type e.g. cables from the living room, and then sort all the cables with different colors that match the color label of the device.
    A family labeling cardboard boxes;
    Decluttering and labeling properly will make your move easier.

    For example, if you are moving from California to Florida, pick one of these two methods, just don’t mix them. If you opt for the first option then use the wrap to wrap the cable with the device. A lot of people think that this way you won’t need to label cables with specific colors, but our suggestion is to do it anyway, it doesn’t cost a lot and it doesn’t require a lot of time. On the other hand, if something gets mixed, you’ll still know what goes where. If you opt for the second option then take the stickers and start marking cables.

    Packing your computer and laptop

    If you’re thinking about how to pack electronics for an interstate move then the computer is the first thing to think about. It’s the most sophisticated technology (probably) that an average person has in a home. We as Los Angeles interstate movers would advise you to have a backup of your data. You can do this physically by copying all the data to external hard drives or virtually by uploading all data to the cloud; both methods if you want to be extra safe. Change or put stronger passwords in case something gets lost. Also, use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum inside the computer.  Now some people prefer to just tighten the screws inside the tower, while others prefer to take out components such as graphic cards, power supply, motherboard, etc. The most important thing is to use packing paper, which unlike packing chips won’t cause static electricity.

    A professional mover holding a box with a fragile sticker on it, in an office;
    Don’t forget to label a box of electronics, especially computer-related tech with a fragile sticker.

    Packing electronics for the interstate move

    When it comes to packing electronics we as furniture movers Los Angeles would advise you to fit them in their original boxes. If you don’t have them, you can contact the manufacturer to send you one. But if that’s not the case here are some things that you could do. Before putting it in the box clean the electronics, after that put the cushion or a towel at the bottom of the box (or bubble wrap). Everything needs to be solid so it can’t move anywhere and support empty spaces with bubble wrap or any other packing material.  If you’re packing something like a tablet, laptop or screen use a sandwich method. It means you’ll cover it with a soft bathroom towel then bubble wraps it, after that wrap it with cardboard, and finally use plastic wrap or another box to fit it.

    Another tip is not to use newspapers or similar prints, as they can damage surfaces like touch screens or monitors; don’t forget to label all of these as fragile. Thank you for reading this article, and we hope that we’ve helped you with how to pack electronics for an interstate move. Don’t forget that also unpacking is an essential process as well as packing. So think about unpacking when you’re packing. Also, protect all electronics both physically and virtually. If you have any problems or just don’t have time, you can always contact a reliable professional who can help you with the packing and moving process.

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