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How to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro

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When it comes to moving there are many steps people need to follow. Among them, one of the most important ones is packing and unpacking your items. In this day and age, there are many companies, for example, Los Angeles Transfer and Storage, that will offer many services alongside moving. From normal packing, all the way up to specialized packing for example help with moving pianos, pool tables, arcade games, and so on. These are all awesome services that will help you save a lot of time and effort. Just by paying a little more for the move you will have added safety. But if you are wondering how to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro all by yourself, you are at the right place!

Why should you know how to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro?

It is by no means a secret that you need to pack and unpack when moving. And many people decide to take on this challenge by themselves. But whether that is a good or a bad idea, solely depends on their skills. If you are considering moving from California to Florida, or some other long-range move, then packing becomes even more important. Why is it that important? If not packed properly the chances of your items moving, getting damaged, or even in the worst-case scenario braking are huge. Why would you risk any of that happening when you can learn how to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro? It is by no means a hard job, if you research it properly, and invest time. Nothing is naturally easy, but just a little devotion can take you a long way.

A couple siting on a sofa before packing
You don’t have to pack everything in a day. Make a furniture packing plan and follow it.

Packing like a pro

First things first, before you start moving to LA you will need to do a couple of things. Start by arranging moving services and deciding on the date. After those things have been settled you will have a timeframe in which the packing will need to be done. Before starting the packing itself start by decluttering! Go through your home and take everything you will not need anymore. For example old chairs, the stained old sofa, and so on. If you have any plans on buying new furniture you will not need to waste time moving old ones. Simply sell them, or donate them! Only after doing so can you truly start packing.

Start with heavy lifting

The best way to start is by moving all placing all the heavy furniture to the bottom. This way you can easily use the space above them to place other boxes and lighter furniture. If you by any chance make the mistake of placing heavy furniture on top, it can actually crush the boxes underneath. This will be a big problem, as it will damage everything without a doubt. For the actual moving of this furniture, you might need assistance. So ask your friends, family, or furniture movers Los Angeles for assistance. You will not gain anything if heavy furniture slips out of your hands! Not only can you drop it and damage it, but you can also hurt yourself in the process.

A couple lifting a sofa together
You can’t move heavy things alone. Having help is important. And if you don’t want to pay for professionals ask family or friends.

No empty space

In order to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro you will need to use your wits. As well as all available storage space. Your drawers, closets, baskets, as well as suitcases, are gold! They are actually free-moving spaces. In them, you can pack many things, which will also save you some money on packing supplies. Free parking space is always welcomed and it will ensure that you won’t run out of packing space. But before moving companies Orange County comes and loads them into trucks, make sure they are closed shut! If by chance something opens while moving, and items fall out they can get damaged.

Take your furniture apart

Some pieces like beds, tables, or desks are not practical when moving whole. In order to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro you will need to learn how to take them apart. For example, your dining table is huge. And just placing it in a truck like that will take up too much space. It’s not like a cabinet where you can pack items, and secure them from opening. So by taking it apart you will make a lot of space, and make it so much easier to load. Take all the boult and tiny pieces and place them in a box. Label everything to insure you will know what it is and where it goes. At the same time take measures to protect the furniture you took apart.

The best way to about this is if you still have the instructions you got when buying it. But most people don’t. A quick search online will provide you with some instructions you can follow as well. For example, if you need to take apart your sofa here are some easy steps:

  • First, you will need to move your sofa in order to see the frame and the fasteners that hold the arms to the base.
  • Proceed by loosening the bolts or screws that secure the arms. Usually, this is done with an Allen wrench or a screwdriver. If you roll up the upholstery far enough you will be able to remove the arms with ease.
  • The next step is finding the bolts that are connecting the seats and the back and holding it in place. When you find the bolts remove them carefully and separate the pieces of the frame.
  • On the side, you can write down careful notes or even take pictures so that you will have no problems when you move and need to reassemble the sofa.
A couple lookin up how to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro online
How to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro is made easier when looking at some moving blogs and advice.

Packing supplies

Having good packing supplies plays a big role when you pack and unpack your furniture like a pro. Some you can improvise but some have to be bought! You can find them in your local hardware store or order them online. The place where you buy them is of no importance. But what is important is the quality. In short, the most basic supplies you will need are:

  • Sofa (mattress) covers but you can use blankets as well
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wrap
  • Sealing tape

Start by wrapping the furniture carefully with blankets. You can use old blankets that you already own. But you can also buy or even rent some blankets made exactly for moving from a moving company that offers packing services LA. Make sure you cover every part of your furniture. Use plastic wrap or sealing tape to secure everything in place. In order to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro, time will be needed. So make sure you start packing on time, and dont leave it for the last minute.

Unpacking like a pro

In order to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro we can’t skip the unpacking part! After using the moving services Los Angeles provides, and you find yourself at your new home, the unpacking can begin. Unpacking is as important as packing! It needs to be taken seriously! Making an unpacking plan will help you organize your time, as well as do things efficiently.

Woman unpacking books
Only after placing furniture can you unpack the smaller items, without making a mess.

The most important ones

When you first arrive, it’s best to start by unpacking the most important furniture. What do we mean by the most important ones? Well of course those are pieces of furniture you will need that exact day! When you pack and unpack your furniture like a pro you need a place to start from. When you pack you start with things you use the least and make your way up. And when you unpack you do the opposite. Start with the ones you need, and the ones you dont use can wait for a little. The first things should probably be the beds and sofa.

Room-by-room organization

It’s best to start unpacking with a plan. A room-by-room plan is a good idea. In order to prevent jumping from one task to the other organization is a must. If you have kids, starting with their room is the best. Then your room, then the other ones can be picked based on your routines and needs. There are many moving company blogs that offer advice about your steps after moving. But it’s best you pick a room and place everything in it to prevent tripping on boxes and chaos. Then one at a time you can take out and place the furniture you need from it.

A couple bringing furniture in the room
If you dont know the place where you want specific furniture place it all in a single room in order to avoid a mess.

Picture your floor space

Knowing where you should place your furniture is the most important part. Just placing everything everywhere is not the answer. Especially if you dont have time to unpack everything from one go. Although the room we suggested is good for the start it’s not an answer for a longer period of time. For example, if you want to place a bed, from the moment you enter your home you should decide where in the room you want it to be. Having a clear plan for furniture makes it a lot easier when you pack and unpack your furniture like a pro.

Ask for help

Having some help provided to you by your family and friends will only help you when you pack and unpack your furniture like a pro and make it easier. Some furniture is heavy and is not suitable to be moved and carried by one person. Not to mention that when taking apart and later putting it back into one piece will sometimes require furniture to be in specific poses. And you can do it alone! You can try but you will probably damage it or get hurt. So we strongly recommend reaching out to someone.

A couple laughing while moving
Having friends and family help you will also make the process more fun!

Find all the pieces

If you listened to us and made sure to label all the moving boxes LA then all of your furniture pieces should be easy to find. Use the instructions you wrote when taking apart furniture and studio them again. They will tell you what you need to do in order to put everything back together. If you took photos look at them carefully. Make sure all the small bolts are accounted for. And slowly start working on it. You dont have to do everything in one day. But make sure the most important ones are at least done fast.

Both packing and unpacking don’t have to be difficult

Everyone can pack and unpack their furniture like a pro with just a little basic research. If you make sure you have enough time and dedication there is nothing you can do! Be careful around heavy items and dont be shy to ask for help if you need it at any time. Plan out the packing process and start with the furniture you use the least. Secure everything and use all the available space. At the same time make sure all the small pieces of furniture are there and packed safely. Take notes when putting things apart.

Carefully place furniture in the moving truck and wait for their arrival. Make a room plan so you at least have an idea of what goes where. Place all the furniture you are not sure about in a designated room. Start unpacking with the most used places like beds and sofas. Although you dont need to do everything in a day, some items you will definitely need some. We hope we helped you learn how to pack and unpack your furniture like a pro, and made your move at least a little easier.

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