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How to pack and move a fish tank in CO

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Moving can be really tricky but if you prepare well you will have a smooth relocation. You can contact Colorado movers to help you with the relocation and you can focus on your work or some other obligations. If you have pets you will want to take care of them on your own, especially if you have turtles and fishes. You might think that it is difficult to move a fish tank but it can be very easy. Here are some tips to help you.

Gather essential equipment so you can prepare to move a fish tank

So you can prepare the fish tank for the move you will be needing some supplies. You should make a plan for removing water, where to place fishes, plants, or decorations. To start, gather supplies, some of them you maybe have already, the others you can buy. You will be needing:

  • buckets, plastic bags, or containers for the fishes but also buckets for the plants (if you have them inside the tank)
  • packing tape
  • fishnet
  • siphon hose
  • boxes to pack and move a fish tank
  • foam board
  • plastic padding

If you gather appropriate supplies you will successfully pack your tank. Do not forget about packing food for fishes and water de-chlorinator.

a list
If you don’t have already all the supplies to relocate a fish tank, make a list and buy the packing essentials.

Move your fishes

First, you should decide if you are going to transport your fishes in a bucket, plastic bag, or a container. Then you should use a fishnet to move your fish from their tank to their transport container. Make sure you move fishes early so you have enough time to clean and pack the tank. Use water from the tank to fill the container they’ll be traveling in, and be sure to leave air at the top. This will ensure that their environment is as comfortable and the same as they used to.

Stop feeding your fish 24 hours before moving them into their transport container to keep the water clean during the move. If you have smaller fish and your move is under an hour away, you can put them into plastic baggies along with water from the tank. For longer moves or larger fish, transport them in large buckets. Make sure the buckets are clean and haven’t been used to store any harsh chemicals.

Prepare your tank

Once you move your fish to the container safely you can start preparing your fish tank for the move. Siphon out the remaining water. You can take out the plants and put them in the buckets with water from the tank. Then you can take out decor and pebbles. Make sure you clean them and dry them before packing. If you have some fragile items you can wrap them in air-filled plastic padding or packing paper before packing. Carefully remove and pack up all the equipment, including the light, pump, and heater. You can put pebbles and sand into some plastic bags. Pack all of your equipment carefully. After you take out everything from the tank, clean it properly, and dry it completely.

clean and move a fish tank
Take out, clean, and dry all the decorations inside the tank.

Pack your tank

Fish tanks are very fragile and need to be handled with care. Remove the lid and pack this separately, wrapped in bubble wrap. Cut foam board insulation to size and place it at the bottom of the tank. Fill the tank with towels or packing paper. It’s best to pack your tank in a box. Given the fact that the aquarium is really fragile, you should pack it properly. If you crack it during the move it will be unusable. The box should be large enough to accommodate the aquarium and insulation. Before you put the tank in the box wrap it in air-filled plastic padding.

If there is space around the tank inside the box, use packing paper to fill in the gaps and help prevent it from shifting during transport. Be sure to label all of the boxes or plastic bags containing decorations, equipment, and other supplies. If you do not have enough time you can contact your movers and ask for packing services. They will make sure your belongings are properly packed and relocated.

Hire reliable movers to help you move a fish tank

When moving the best way to help yourself save time is to hire reliable movers. No matter if you are moving a few blocks away or it is a long-distance move, it will be easier if you have professionals on your side. They will pack and unpack your items, load and unload a moving truck, relocate them safely, and if it is needed they will disassemble massive items. You will not have to worry about carrying heavy items. Reliable movers will offer you insurance so if anything happens to your belongings you will not have to worry.

In case you don’t have a big closet, you can store your items. Search for the storage units Denver residents recommend and choose the one that suits your needs. Make sure you choose a climate-controlled storage unit. This can be a good solution if you need some extra space. You will be sure that your belongings are safe in a clean and secured place.

fish in the plastic bag
You can use plastic bags to relocate your fishes.

Set up everything

Find a proper place for your tank. Put inside the sand, decoration, pebbles, plants, and other things you have. Check if it is not damaged before you pour the water inside. Then you can put your fish inside the tank. Wait a few hours before turning on your heater and pump to give the water time to settle and get to room temperature. When you finish with all this you can back to a normal feeding schedule with your fish.

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