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How to organize a long-distance move from Orange County

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You decided on moving from California to Colorado and as you already know, you must organize, pack, and find a reliable moving team to assist you. If you wish to organize a long-distance move from Orange County and have a stress-free relocation you’ll need to create a steady plan and follow it until the end. We will help you assemble one and ensure your relocation is affordable, safe, and efficient. Let’s take a look.

Gather the mandatory info and organize a long-distance move from Orange County

The first step on this wonderful journey is a thorough home inspection. You must inspect your entire home along with the loft, garage, and basement. Check out how much furniture and other belongings you possess and note everything down onto the moving checklist. This way you will know how complex your move is if there are any environmental issue, and how many packing supplies is required. Also, your moving checklist should include the following:

  • Information about movers
  • Moving services
  • Budget
  • Packing logistics
  • Insurance and legalities
  • Moving-related responsibilities
Obtain all the info necessary and create your relocation plan. Be ready for the moving day.

Once you have all the basic info, you can contact your movers Orange County. Provide them with the info you gathered and they will help you organize a long-distance move from Orange County. Moreover, they will ensure your relocation is safer, more affordable, and worthwhile.

Search for professional moving assistance

The next step in your moving project is a search for a reliable moving company. Usually, the best moving companies Los Angeles can be found on the internet. It is the easiest and most lucrative way. Although, you must be careful as well. Simply because there are many choices and like in any other business, there are frauds as well. But we will come to that part later. For now, stick to the few good ones and compare prices and services. Try to obtain referrals and word of mouth from a friend if possible as well. Figure out if your movers have everything you might need for your relocation and if they do, give them a call. Communicate with the moving representative and work on the details of your moving contract and the final moving price.

Find your movers on the internet and compare them across the board. Ensure they are up to the task before you hire them.

Narrowing down your choices is the hardest part. We recommend you not to stick to the first company you find nor to seek the cheapest one. You can’t run away from a bit of researching and reading about the moving industry and movers in general. Therefore, dedicate an hour or two and find yourself a trustworthy moving team.

Double-check your investment

There is nothing wrong if you want to secure your investment and double-check your movers. All the information they put out to the public should be legit. Therefore, start digging and confirm your movers are a fine choice. The first thing you must do is review their website. It should have a company logo, contact info, and physical address. Then, they should be registered online and have all the licenses and permits to operate locally and cross-state. If they are offering special services such as moving a business, they should have a commercial movers Los Angeles team and have a permit to relocate business and offices. And as we said before, you should obtain references, read reviews, and find comments on social media to figure out how they conduct their business and treat their customers.

Once you confirm everything you can, give them a call and fire away. Ask anything you like and obtain all answers you can. If your movers are legit, they shouldn’t have any problems answering all your questions. You might be able to even pay them a visit and inspect their vehicles and conduct business in person. It all depends on the size of your relocation project.

Pack like a pro

You can’t organize a long-distance move from Orange County without a steady packing plan in place. Packing is the most boring and time-consuming step in each relocation but it must be done. It must be completed professionally and safely. Therefore, start by obtaining the packing materials first. You will need at least 30 carton boxes, adhesive tape, labels, and blister packs. You can obtain some packing paper to wrap items individually but blister packs can be used for this occasion as well. Also, there are more expensive materials like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, plastic bins, corner pads, customized boxes, etc. But with the mandatory ones, you can pack and relocate without any problems. Although, you can always make a combination of the two and secure your items the way you like.

a woman sitting on the ground near carton boxes
Use an adequate set of packing materials if you want your items transferred safely to the final destination.

Now, order your materials online, purchase at the hardware store, or from your moving company. As soon as you have it all, pack gradually covering room by room until you are done. While doing that, declutter and downsize as much as possible so you won’t have to spend so many materials and hurt your moving budget in the process. Moreover, you’ll have more space in your new home as well. But if you have no time to do it, consider renting one of the storage units Denver and leave the excess items there. You can pick them up later or pick them one by one when you need them.

Onsite estimates

The best and most commonly used way to realize your moving cost is the onsite estimate. Ask your movers to stop by and evaluate the whole situation. They will weigh your cargo, check the environment, calculate the working hours, make a list of required tools for the job, etc. Once they are done, you will be presented with the final moving price and you’ll be able to calculate your moving costs and prepare your moving budget adequately. Amazing right? What is good about it, this service is completely free.

Keep your legalities in check and organize a long-distance move from Orange County

Something you mustn’t forget about is your legalities and personal documents. In due time, you should check and sort out your personal ID, driver’s license, passport, medical records, credit cards, diplomas, etc. Especially if you are moving to another country. Do not forget to transfer or cancel services like internet, cellphone, and mail. Also, review your moving-related documents and read your moving contract several times before signing it. Do not leave loose ends.

And now you know how to organize a long-distance move from Orange County. We are sure you will create an amazing personalized guide and find a moving company you can trust. Stay focused while packing and everything else will be just fine. Good luck!

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