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How to move your plants with ease

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    If you live in an urban melting pot like Los Angeles, you know how much it means to have your own green sanctuary. The only downside with plants, especially if they are big, is that they are difficult to transport during relocation. If you wish to move to Los Angeles, check out residential movers LA and learn more about terms and moving quotes. In the meantime, we will present you a few ways to help you move your plants with ease. Stick around for more.

    Plants are a welcome addition to any household. Really, the advantages of having plants in your apartment or home are truly numerous. For instance, they act as natural air purifiers. Why would you spend money on expensive electrical appliances when you can get some plants? Next, they are beautiful, and they can open up the most boring rooms, and make them look cozier. Lastly, they can give healthy produce. Plants like, Aloe Vera, cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano, parsley, and so on. Plants also make us feel relaxed and more connected with nature.

    To move your plants with ease, hire professional packers

    If you are not willing to pack the plants on your own, or you simply don’t have enough time at your disposal, you can always get the help of professional packers LA. Every reputable moving company has packing services at their disposal. This means you will have to add some more funds to your relocation budget, but what you will get is priceless. That is the peace of mind knowing that one worry is out of the picture. You can concentrate on some other equally important parts of the relocation puzzle.

    If you wish to do it on your own, get some tools

    The tools you will need to carry out this operation can be obtained at almost every store. So, this is what you should buy:

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Plastic pots
    • Scissors
    • Basic gardening tools like a trowel, garden secateurs, and gloves
    • Bubble wrap and packing paper
    • Plastic bags

    When you have all the necessary moving tools you can proceed with packing. Pack your small plants first. Apply the bubble wrap around the pots. Stack the plants vertically in a sturdy plastic box. Fill any gaps with packing paper to prevent the plants from tipping over during the transport. Make sure they are not exposed to harsh weather conditions and that they have been watered prior to the move. If you plan to put them in the back of the moving truck, then you should place them in cardboard boxes. Don’t forget to label the boxes as fragile and to cut a few holes so that they could breathe.

    picture of small potted plants
    Small plants are not that hard to move, you just need to protect them well. Move your plants with ease by using a plastic container

    What to do with large plants

    The procedure is quite similar to the one for small plants. First of all, consider replacing the pot. Large plants are usually held in big clay pots which are quite heavy. The sheer weight of these pots will generate extra costs for your relocation. Plus, they are fragile and susceptible to breaking.

    Next, this is the perfect time to check your plant for bugs and pests. Then, put the plastic bag over the pot and tie it to the bottom of the plant. This will prevent the soil from spilling and will keep the plant stable. Put the plant in a box and label it as a live plant or fragile. Make sure that the inside of the truck is well protected, and that there is nothing that can get loose and crush your plant. Don’t forget to re-pot your green friend when you arrive at your new destination.

    Picture of large potted plants in front of the door
    Large plants can be tricky to move, and if you believe that they won’t survive the move, give them to friends

    Use your car to move your plants with ease

    Most moving companies won’t accept to move your plants. They are fragile, their branches snap easily during transportation, plus they risk fines because of state regulations. Yes, many states have strict laws on which plants you can bring in when moving interstate. So don’t forget to do your research. This leaves you with several options.

    The best one is to use your car to take plants with you. Place the open boxes with small plants on the front seat. Hanging plants are easy to transport as you can hang them on the seats. Use your trunk or the back seat for the biggest plants. If you are planning to spend the night in the motel, bring in the plants. Especially if you are moving during the winter. The other possibility is to ship your plants by mail. If you decide to do that, it is essential to label the boxes with plants, fragile and “this way up” stickers.

    Use your car to move your plant with ease
    You have several ways to move your plants, but your car is probably the best option

    Don’t move your plants at all

    This should be your last option. What if the climate at your new address is not suitable for your plants? Not to mention if there are laws that don’t allow you to keep certain plants in your home. On the other hand, maybe you believe that moving your plants is too much for you to handle. Whatever is the reason, you can give them to your friends or neighbors. If you suspect they won’t survive the move, it’s better to give them away.  This could be a nice going-away gift. Moreover, you will be saving on moving quotes if you leave the plants behind. The price of every commercial relocation is calculated by using two main factors: The distance of the move and the weight of the shipment. So, the less stuff you decide to transport, the lower the moving costs will be.

    As you can see, traveling with plants is not easy and you must know state laws and moving company policies. Therefore, follow our advice to move your plants with ease. Remember that the first thing you should do when you arrive at your new home is to bring your plants inside. We wish you a safe travel.

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