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How to move expensive art to your new home

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    Many people have art pieces in their homes. Once you get one, you cannot stop so you will quickly have a collection. But when you start getting them you don’t think about having to move one day. Art pieces are fragile and quite an investment, so you need to be careful. Your best shot at focusing right during this move is to hire some cleaning services Los Angeles. They will leave your home spotless, while you can focus on the really important things. Often it cannot even be replaced, so you need to learn how to move expensive art to your new home.

    How to move expensive art to your new home?

    Expensive art pieces can cost a few thousand dollars per piece, if not more. If you have a collection of these, we are talking about an inventory worth a fortune. It is mandatory to keep such a valuable collection intact during a move. But we all know that during a move many unexpected things happen. If you choose to move with some affordable moving companies Los Angeles, they will assure you that nothing like this happens. We will show you how to move expensive art to your new home, and it is by:

    • Choosing the right-sized boxes
    • Mark with an X
    • Using a generous amount of packing materials
    Picture of a woman researching how to how to move expensive art to your new home
    Art is quite the investment

    Choose the right boxes

    The right-sized boxes have never been more important than now. If your art pieces can shift inside their box, you need to change it. It is not supposed to be able to move at all during transport, since this can cause damage. There are even special boxes for this cause, so you might want to consider getting those from some art movers Los Angeles. If that is not an option, then you can use regular boxes after you flatten them.

    Mark with an X

    If your art pieces don’t have a glass face, then this tip doesn’t apply. But since most expensive pieces have glass protection on top, then you should protect them as well. Marking an X with packing tape on top of it will prevent it from moving around if shattered, which can result in the art pieces getting damaged, and even the items around it. The glass can be easily replaced, but the artwork can’t.

    Use the right amounts of packing materials

    Bubble wrap and packing paper from some moving companies Burbank CA are your best friends when packing whatever items. Since the artwork is so fragile, big amounts are needed. Wrap the whole piece in two layers of each, and tape it together with packing tape. Once this is done, slide the art piece into the previously prepared box, tape it shut, and label it as fragile.

    Picture of bubble wrap
    When thinking about how to move expensive art to your new home, think about a large amount of packing materials

    When asking yourself how to move expensive art to your new home, start doing it on time. Packing and moving valuables take time and effort, but it is worthwhile. After it is done correctly, they will decorate your home for a long time to come. We wish you good luck and happy packing!

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