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How to move a rug to a new home in LA

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    Moving specific household items can be challenging. What to do with items that can’t fit in cardboard boxes? How to secure them during transport? Rugs and carpets are one of those items. However, there are a few tips on how to move a rug to a new home. Rugs require special care due to their delicate structure. You can’t just fold them and throw them in the van. Especially if your rugs are expensive pieces made of silk or Persian ones. It’s best to contact appliance movers Los Angeles and ask for professional advice. 

    waiting room with yellow sofa and two chairs on the black carpet
    When you want to move a rug to a new home, prepare it for relocation.

    Prepare your carpets for the move to a new home

    You should do preparation and cleaning before you move a rug to a new home. In some cases, simple shaking and vacuuming will be enough to remove food crumbs and dust. But more serious cases, stained rugs with sticky spots, require thorough cleaning with water and special cleaning solutions. You may decide to entrust your carpets to professional carpet cleaners. In case you want to do it by yourself, just follow these easy steps. Either way, visit Los Angeles transfer and storage if you need help with taking out or storing your carpets.

    • First of all, start vacuuming, preferably with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum cleaner. It will remove all dust and dirt from it. 
    • You can take it out and shake it off, then you can hang it to aerate it. However, check the label before exposing the rug to sunlight. In some cases, it may result in color fading. 
    • For the stains, it’s best to scrub them with a gentle brush or sponge soaked in a mild soap or a cleaning solution. Once again, check the label before you start rubbing. Rinse in the end.
    • Wet-vacuuming will extract moisture and remaining dirt particles from your rug.
    • For heavily stained carpets, hire professional cleaners. They will treat the stains according to carpet labels with professional cleaners. For more carpet maintenance tips visit this site.

    How to wrap your rugs before the move?

    After the cleaning, make sure your floorings are completely dry. Because if they’re not, moisture can cause mold to appear. The last thing you want is smelly and moldy carpets in your new home. Spread your clean and dry rug on the flat surface and start rolling it equally. Roll from the shorter side, and make sure it’s not loose. When it comes to wrapping, avoid plastic because of the dampness. The better choice is a paper wrap or old sheets and blankets. Be careful with tape, it can leave marks or it can damage fibers. Choose a rope or a string instead. You won’t be wrong if you rent a climate controlled storage Los Angeles. They are the ideal solution for storing unique and expensive carpets. 

    rug fibers, representing what you need to look at when you want to move a rug to a new home
    Be careful when wrapping and packing rugs.

    Pack your rugs properly before the move

    Try avoiding common mistakes when you move a rug to a new home. Don’t fold your carpets, cause it can leave cracks and unwanted lines. Also, try not to put boxes and crates over rolled carpets, for the same reasons. If you follow these simple steps, with the help of Los Angeles interstate movers, your carpets will endure even an interstate relocation. 

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