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How to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry from LA

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Moving is always stressful and exciting at the same time. Especially if you have to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry. Los Angeles Transfer and Storage can provide you assistance in that matter. They will make sure that your belongings are well-packed and safely transported to your new location. If you however plan to do it on your own, you have to be well-prepared. The organization of your move can be challenging and time-consuming. That is why you have to make a detailed plan in order to be calmed and have a successful relocation. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry.

Keep your sanity when moving in a hurry by planing it well

It is true that when you are moving in a hurry, you don’t have much time to prepare. Try to stay calmed and focused, in order to make a detailed plan. That is the key to a successful relocation. So make a plan and try to stick to it. And follow each point to the end.

Woman writing in a notepad.
Make a list of the tasks and try to fulfil each point.

Here are the tasks you should put on your list:

  • set your budget first is going to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry
  • hire a moving company
  • declutter your home
  • buy packing supplies
  • pack your belongings
  • gather the important documents
  • rent a moving truck
  • rent a storage

First thing is to set your budget, which is really important. That way, you will know right away if you can afford to hire professionals. Make yourself a favor and hire some of the residential moving companies Los Angeles CA residents gladly recommend. They will make sure that your belongings are safely transported to your new home and without damage.

Find reliable movers

Finding reliable movers on short notice is not an easy task at all. The first thing you want to do is call the company to see if they have availability for your moving day. Research at least 4 to 5 movers in order to find the right ones. Besides that, there are several factors that you should pay attention to when choosing your movers. Check out their web pages and gather as much information as soon as you can. That way, you will also see if the company is serious about the business or not.

Man checking the boxes.
You should check at least 5 moving companies, so you can get a better overview of the prices and services.

You also have to be aware that there are a lot of fraudulent movers. And they are using the license number of an already existing company! Pay attention to this type of fraud, so you can detect it and avoid it! Try to find some spare time to check the reviews of your potential movers. If a company does a good job, people are going to talk about it. You should also check referrals from your friends and colleagues in order to get the right company.

When looking for a moving company, make sure that they are offering insurance. It is crucial in a way to be reimbursed for your belongings in case something happens to them. No matter if you are moving long-distance or a couple of blocks away, insurance is important. Check with the moving company what are the services they can offer and if the price is acceptable for your budget.

Get the right packing supplies

As soon as you book your movers, it is packing time! And since you don’t have much time, you need to get the right packing supplies in order to safely pack and protect your belongings. You first need to sort them out and decide which items are you going to take to your new home. For all the unwanted items, there are several options that you can choose from. Such as selling them online, or donating them to charity organizations and friends. For the items that are not going to fit in your new home, you should consider renting a storage unit in the new city. Check some storage units Denver CO residents recommend. So you can later use those items whenever you have the need for them.

Woman wrapping her couch.
Try to get the right packing supplies.

When you have decided what will you keep and take to your new home, it is time to buy a lot of packing supplies and start packing. You will be needing:

  • cardboard boxes in various sizes
  • bubble bags
  • packing tape
  • packing paper
  • moving blankets
  • scissors
  • tools
  • a dolly
  • labels

If you are not able to do this on your own, don’t worry. There are many reliable moving companies that will offer a professional packing service and they will make your life a lot easier. You can also arrange with them to unpack your belongings after you move to your new home. Just make sure to check those options with your potential movers.

Keep your sanity on a moving day

It is better to start early on your moving day. Before the movers show up, put anything you don’t want to be moved either in your vehicle or in a closed-off room with clear signs not to pack. Be sure to mark boxes so that they can be placed in exactly the rooms they need to be in on the other end to make for easier unpacking. Have water, sodas, and snacks ready for your mover and provide easy access to a bathroom. Make sure to keep a comfortable temperature in the house. The movers bring a lot of experience, so they know what they are doing. Try not to be in their way and let them do the job for you.

If you want to keep your sanity when moving in a hurry, try to stay focused. You can either choose to do it on your own or hire professionals movers, which we strongly recommend. That way you can take care of other important things. After the relocation, a new adventure awaits you. So you can start to enjoy your new neighborhood and its surroundings.

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