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How to interview Seattle movers before hiring them

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    Just like when we go for a job interview and answer questions, so must you know how to interview Seattle movers before you hire them for your move. This will allow you to know what kind of moving company you are hiring for your relocation. Do not be shy to ask them some questions, because it’s about your money and items. Continue reading and learn what to ask them before hiring them.

    Interview Seattle movers – Start with their permits and licenses

    One of the most important things to ask your movers before hiring them for your Seattle move is about their papers and licenses. Every moving company has to have proper transportation permits issued by the Department of Transportation. If they pass every test and follow everything, they should have their USDOT number. If a moving company won’t give you their USDOT number or is avoiding to answer, then you are probably dealing with scammers. But, if they do give it, that means that you are dealing with legitimate movers Seattle. And we advise you to hire them after that interview.

    a permit you need to talk about when you wish to interview Seattle movers
    Interview Seattle movers about their USDOT number

    This is just one of the questions you need to ask your movers before you hire them. Ask them about the packing supplies they are using. It is important to know if your items are packed in proper packing supplies that will offer you the best protection when moving. This means that they should offer you brand new moving boxes Seattle.

    How they handle items

    The most important question you have to ask them is how well do they handle the items you wish to move. It is one thing to move boxes filled with books or clothes, but the whole other if you are moving valuable and expensive items such as furniture. If they explain to you what kind of techniques, packing materials, and transportation they use then you should think about hiring them.  There are not that many furniture movers Seatle that can help you with your move. And if it happens you find some that can make sure to hire them.

    image of furniture
    Ask them how they handle furniture move

    And if you don’t feel like moving your furniture at once because it is very valuable, then you need to think about getting full moving services LA for your move. Once you have learned how they can deal with your furniture, you will have a broad idea of what to expect from them.

    Ask them about the price of the move

    It is important to get to know more about the cost of the move. Ask them what will influence the overall cost of relocation and how you can set up a moving budget. One way to set up a moving budget is to know how to manage your finances. Remember, if you start planning your relocation in time, and try to get schedule the move at least a month ahead, you will have a good chance to hire movers at a reasonable price.

    To interview Seattle movers before hiring movers, you need to know more about these important questions. They will let you know who will move you to your new home, and what you can expect from them. If you have any questions regarding relocation, feel free to ask us in the comment section.

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