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How to interview Denver movers before hiring them

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Hiring movers shouldn’t be done lightly. These people will be responsible for your entire household’s belongings, and you wouldn’t want anything to go awry. However, it is not rare for people to get scammed by unlicensed movers, and lose valuable items. To avoid the worst-case scenario, you should do thorough research about moving companies in Colorado to choose the best one. After selecting the most suitable one, you should also interview Denver movers before the definitive decision. After all, it’s your money and belongings in question, and you have the right to ask everything related to the move. From the price, moving supplies, license, you shouldn’t skip anything. Therefore, here is how you should conduct your interview with movers. 

How an interview Denver movers should start? 

The interview with the moving companies in Denver should start with a question about the license. The biggest red flag about scammers or rogue movers would be if they are not properly licensed. Every interstate moving company should hold a license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. However, you shouldn’t be concerned if local movers don’t have this type of license number. The local movers should have a state license if they relocate only within the same state. 

It’s not the same if you need to move an office or a household. To get adequate moving services in Denver, you should ask movers if they have experience in the specific type of move. For this reason, explain to the movers what it is that you need, and see what they can offer you. This way, the chances of misunderstanding are low. 

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Prepare all the questions in advance

What kind of estimate moving company offers? 

There are two types of estimates that the moving company can offer to you: non-binding and binding estimates. The more popular one with movers is a non-binding estimate. The non-binding estimate means that the estimated price of your move doesn’t have to match the final price. If your move lasts longer or requires more moving supplies Denver, the final price will be higher than the estimated price. However, the bill could also be smaller if you are lucky. 

In addition to this, the more popular estimate with customers is a binding one. The reason for this would be the estimated price of your move will be also your final price to pay. This way, you won’t get any unpleasant surprises at the end of the relocation. With moving costs taken care of, you can spend quality time with your family as moving will bring big changes in everyone’s life. 

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Carefully read your estimate before signing anything

What are the other questions you should not skip? 

When you are preparing to interview Denver movers, you should make a list of questions to ask. This way you won’t forget any important questions to ask. For this reason, these questions are the following.

  • What kind of liability coverage does the moving company offer? 
  • Do they own a moving truck? 
  • Do they use subcontractors? 
  • Ask about references 
  • What kind of payment do they accept? 
  • Do they offer a cancellation policy? 
  • How long will the move take? 

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