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How to include kids in your cross-country move from CO?

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The moving process can be stressful, exhausting, and takes a lot of time and energy. Moving with kids can make it even harder. There is a way to make it easier for yourself. You just need to get in touch with one of the best Colorado movers and let them help you. Let your movers organize your move so you can focus on your kids. But you can also include kids in your cross-country move, and here are some ideas how.

Prepare your kids for the move

Whether you are moving alone or with your family, if it is a local or a long-distance move, the list of tasks is almost the same. You need to organize packing, relocation, moving truck, storage, find a new home, etc. If you are moving with kids, you should include them in the process too. It depends on their age, of course. But as soon as you decide that you are moving you should tell your children. They can get emotional and scared about the fact that they are changing a city or a state, that they will be going to some new school or kindergarten. So, talk with them, explain everything and you can show them some pictures of the new city.

include kids in moving
Include your kids in moving, let them pack, clean, and declutter, and make it fun.

If you have older children, listen to them and let them express their wishes and opinions. You can choose with them a new school and make this moving project easier. Communication is the key. Then you should let them participate in moving preparations. The first thing you should do when moving is to set your budget. Calculate all the possible expenses and your income so you know exactly how much money you can spend on moving. Not only on moving but also you will be needing money for buying or renting a new home. You should count on that too.

The next step is to declutter your home. Get rid of everything that doesn’t have any sentimental value, that you do not use anymore, and that isn’t worth repairing. You can sell, donate, or give to your friend and family the items that are in good condition. In case you have too many items to keep, you can store them. Search for storage units Denver residents usually recommend and use. Make sure you contact several moving companies before you choose a storage facility. It should be well-secured, clean, and climate-controlled.

Include kids in your cross-country move

So you can have a successful and stress-free relocation make a good plan and let your kids help you. There are some things they can do when moving:

  • include kids in your cross-country move by letting them decide what to pack and what to throw away
  • they can pack their own stuff (if they are old enough, of course)
  • let them help with cleaning too

Let your kids decide what to pack or not. It is the best way to let them participate. They can declutter their room and decide what clothes, toys, shoes, and books they do not need anymore. They can also prepare their essentials box and put inside what they absolutely need. It can be toys, toiletries, clothes, etc.

packing with kids
Let your toddlers decorate moving boxes to occupy their time and let yourself focus on some other tasks.

Packing with children

Packing takes most of the time and it is exhausting whether you are moving with kids or alone. If you have teenagers you can let them pack their own stuff. First, you will be needing packing supplies. They can go shop with you and help you pick the right supplies. You will be needing cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble bags, plastic bins, moving blankets, furniture sliders, a dolly, and some tools in case you need to disassemble some of the furniture. If you have toddlers you can occupy their time by giving them some markers, pencils in different colors and let them decorate boxes meant for packing. They will have some fun and you will be able to focus on some other tasks.

Your kids can help you with cleaning, decluttering, and packing. If you have teenagers, it is a lot easier to organize the move with them. Let your kids pack their own stuff while you are packing some massive pieces. This can be tricky, especially if you have a lot of massive furniture. To prevent damage while packing you can contact your movers and ask for packing services. Reliable movers will already have packing supplies so you will not have to waste time buying them yourself. Also if you hire a moving company they will pack your items quickly and they will safely relocate all your belongings.

Talk with your kids, let them know some details about your new city, choose a new school together.

Cleaning your home – include kids in your cross-country move

Your kids can help you with cleaning too. They can at least clean their rooms, shoes, and stuff before packing. Be careful with cleaning supplies. Check what you can give your kids to use. On the other side, moving with small kids can require a lot of energy, extremely good organization, but also some help. If you are out of options and ideas for your youngest ones, you can hire a babysitter to help you. While your kids are safe with someone that will take good care of them you can focus on cleaning and packing, searching for a new home, and all other important things.

Moving to another place can be very difficult for kids. That’s why it is good to include kids in your cross-country move. Keep them informed about the place you are going to, make them understand that you are moving, and let them participate. It will be easier for you and for them too if you don’t hide anything from them. Make sure you start early with preparations and have enough time to prepare your kids for the move too.

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