How to handle sentimental clutter before moving to Seattle from LA

How to handle sentimental clutter before moving to Seattle from LA

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    Packing in itself is a long and tiring process. Add on top of that a mountain of sentimental clutter and it turns into a headache waiting to happen. In order to handle sentimental clutter, we need to be organized and resolved to throw at least some of the things that many aren’t as important as they once were. First of all what even is sentimental clutter?  Sentimental clutter can be any object to that we have attached emotions and meaning. From belongings, or decided people we loved, to gifts, letters, and practically anything else.

    How to handle sentimental clutter

    Before moving to Seattle from LA there is the tough job of packing. In all that mess even when using furniture movers Los Angeles for the big places we still have some things to handle ourselves. And those things we cherish and hold dear are precisely one of them. Who can you trust if not yourself to handle your precious items? And looking from a different perspective do you really need all of them? We are here to tell you how to handle sentimental clutter when moving. 

    • What’s worth keeping?
    • Compromise
    • Pass it on
    • Remake or make a scrapbook

      Woman packing
      Women packing clutter into boxes

    What’s worth keeping?

    Not all emotional clutter is good, nor do we need it all. So how to handle sentimental clutter that in us arouses grief or anger. Easy! Don’t keep it. Some people keep gifts thinking that people who are gifted expect to see them displayed somewhere. Forgetting that they are many just looking too deep into something. Even forgetting that they don’t owe the giver anything. When moving to Seattle from Los Angeles you will naturally want to surround yourself with good emotions. So don’t keep objects out of guilt. That’s a big no. Why keep something that sparks a negative emotion. Just throw it away.


    To handle sentimental clutter that is not yours, you have to compromise. We can’t just tell someone we don’t want something that they are emotionally tied to and expect them to throw it. Try to talk and understand what that item means to them. If you can reduce the amount of clutter by talking won’t that be wonderful? Also, did you ever think of putting some of it in Dupont WA storage? Maby just move it till you find a place for it?

    A girl lookin ar clutter
    Girl packing and looking through emotional clutter

    Pass it on

    Do you have a family heirloom? If you don’t like it why should you keep it? You can always pass it on. Handling sentimental clutter that’s not even your own is really tiring. Maybe one of your family members is fond of it and would wear or cherish it more. Professional movers Los Angeles can help you move everything with ease but the emotional process is yours to bear.

    There are other things you can do as well. For example, a donation is a good option. Maby someone out there will need and cherish it more than you do.

    Remake or make a scrapbook

    Why make the job of moving services Los Angeles harder when you can take the access away? If you have more of the same thing keep only one. Also if there is a lot of things why not take photos of them and make a scrapbook. So you can always have one form of them with you, but it takes less space. Remaking them into something you will use in day-to-day life is also a nice thing to do.

    Handling sentimental clutter is by no means easy,it takes a lot of emotion to remove something we are tied to. Or that ties us to other people. Especially if those people are no longer with us. But don’t forget that being tied to something is not always a good thing.

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