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How to handle moving from Seattle during a difficult time

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The process of moving can be a stressful period of life. It is often complicated and filled with numerous challenges that we have to overcome. Additionally, it can be quite exhausting both physically and mentally. All of this is why you need to find the best way to properly handle moving from Seattle during a difficult time. In this article, we are going to show you how to organize and plan your move the right way. We are also going to talk about the importance of having professional, best movers Seattle by your side when relocating.

Organizing a move during a difficult time

Create a plan for the move

The very first step in planning your move is to create a plan for it. Everything starts with a plan and so should your relocation process. The plan for the move contains crucial elements related to your moving process. It addresses all of the key moving-related tasks that you need to complete before, during, and after your relocation. So, let us take a look now at some of the basic elements that you need to put in your plan regardless of the type of your move. These are the following:

  • The date of your move. Set a good date for the move and make sure you avoid holidays and busy weekends when rates may be higher and traffic busier.
  • The budget for your move. Set a budget for the move. In addition to this, make sure you set some extra cash aside in case of an emergency.
  • The costs of your move. Accurately calculate all of the costs related to your move. Make sure your budget covers all of them.
  • The size of your inventory. Take a good look at your inventory to know what you are dealing with, how many packing supplies you may need, as well as which services you may require from your Washington movers.
Creating a plan for moving from Seattle during a difficult time.
Create a plan when moving from Seattle during a difficult time to make your relocation process as smooth as possible.

Organize the packing process

After you come up with a good plan for the move, it is time to tackle the hardest task of moving. The packing process usually takes a lot of time and energy. However, even though it may seem like an annoying task, it needs to be done properly. So, make sure you organize your packing process to have an overall easier relocation experience. Keep in mind that if you find it hard to organize and do everything yourself, it is best to hire professional, long distance moving companies to assist you. Where to start exactly? Well, you should first try to make your packing as easier as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can achieve this.

Declutter your household inventory

The first thing you should do before packing is decluttering your household inventory. Decluttering is a process where you get rid of items you no longer need or want in your new home. These are usually, damaged, broken, or old items that you can replace with new ones. Decluttering not only helps you have a more efficient packing but a cheaper one as well. You decrease the number of packing supplies you need by decreasing the number of items you have for the packing process. Once decluttered, items can be donated, sold, or gifted. We recommend contacting your local charity organization before moving. If you are looking to sell some of your decluttering inventory, organize a garage sale. It is a great way of getting rid of the items you no longer need while also making some extra cash on the side which can then be added to your budget for the move.

A woman packing a cardboard box.
Try to declutter some of your household inventory to make the packing process easier and more efficient.

Gather the necessary packing supplies

Next up is making sure your inventory stays protected during the relocation process. Moving is already stressful enough. The last thing you need is damaged or broken items. So, to avoid this, make sure you get the right tools and materials for the packing. There are some essential packing supplies that you always need. These are hard, high-quality cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing foam, packing tape, and some labeling materials. In case you are finding it difficult to obtain all of these supplies, contact professional packers and movers that can offer you the right packing supplies. However, be sure to know how to tell if a moving company is a scam.

Pack slowly

Take your time with the packing process. Make sure you start it a couple of months before the move at least. Do not rush with this process. The best way to make packing more organized and efficient is to pack room by room. If you need some additional help, contact your friends and see if they can help out. Packing with friends is not only more efficient but also a lot more fun.

Hire professional movers to assist you with your relocation during a difficult time

As we have already established, the process of moving is quite demanding. There are a ton of things you have to do. Furthermore, you may also have to focus on your family and work. To avoid making this already stressful period even more stressful, hire professionals to help you out. There are many benefits that come with hiring reliable and professional interstate movers. They will secure transportation as well as hired workers depending on the size of your inventory. Moreover, they will tackle the key moving-related tasks while you get to save your energy and focus on other things.

Professional movers.
Hire professional movers to assist you with your relocation process.


To sum up, what we have said so far, the process of moving is far from easy. Moving from Seattle during a difficult time can be stressful. However, with good organization and a good plan for the move, you can do it properly and successfully. Remember to hire professional movers that are reliable and trustworthy and you will relocate to your new home in no time!

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