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How to handle LA home repair after moving

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    People believe that the LA relocation process ends the moment all the stuff ends up in the new place. That is correct in a lot of cases. However, quite often there is still a need for LA home repair after moving. Many parts of the house are just too old, there could be mold on the walls or in the bathroom and you just wish to have a nice, fresh feeling in the house. Whether the house needs a home repair after moving or you would just like to do it, let us help you with a few useful tips!

    Begin LA home repair after moving by installing door locks

    You never know how many people have a copy of the keys once you move in. Changing the locks is one of the first steps in LA home repair after moving with residential moving companies Los Angeles CA. The old owners might have had more than one copy. Maybe someone still possesses them without your knowledge. You can never be certain who the previous owners entrusted with a spare set. New locks will provide a new, higher level of security. If there is an alarm system in the house, don’t forget to change the password and check if it’s working. And do the same with the garage door.

    A vacuum cleaner full of water
    A good carpet cleansing is a great way to start LA home repair after moving.

    Give carpets a deep clean.

    The first bigger thing you unpack after relocating with California movers is the carpets. However, the truck was probably dusty, the house has been emptied for quite some time and there are probably some germs on the floor.

    Even if the people who were living there before you didn’t have pets, it costs just a few hundred dollars to call a professional to clean your carpets. It is an important part of LA home repair after moving and doesn’t take too much time. Those companies have sophisticated steam-powered equipment that can destroy dust mites, bacteria, and germs. You don’t know when was the last time carpets were cleaned.

    Change batteries in smoke detectors

    Carbon monoxide sensors and smoke alarms are usually left unchecked during an average house inspection. And even if they get checked, who knows what could happen between the moment house was inspected and the moment after your moving from California to Washington or vice versa. You could press the button, it might work ok, and then the battery could suddenly die. Make sure your smoke alarms are working because they save lives, so change all the old batteries for the new ones.

    A paint brush on the wall
    Painting is always a good decision because it can really brighten up the place.

    Start your LA home repair after moving with painting

    Decorating should be a part of your LA home repair after moving with moving services Los Angeles has to offer: Paint as much as your heart wants. There are two benefits to this. Painting immediately after you move in makes airing out the house easier before you actually start living there, and the furniture won’t be an obstacle while you are painting. Paint a few test swatches on the walls to see how you like the colors over a couple of days.

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