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How to handle a short notice move

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    Needing to organize a relocation on short notice is never easy. However, you can make it a lot more manageable if you incorporate a few moving tricks. A short notice move is definitely manageable with the right mindset and some know-how. Granted, it will make searching for affordable moving companies Los Angeles a bit more difficult due to time constraints but everything else will be quite manageable. The most important thing is not to panic. Panic can easily stop you in your tracks and freeze your mind. Do not give in to panic.

    This article will try to prepare you for relocating in a short period of time, by providing some advice and recommendations. With that being said, let’s see:

    How to prepare for a short notice move?

    Here is a small list of things that you need to have in mind when a short notice relocation is in front of you:

    • Don’t panic!
    • Get organized and create a moving checklist for your short notice move
    • Hire professional mover as soon as possible
    • Gather enough packing supplies and moving boxes
    • Declutter while packing for your short notice move
    • Don’t forget to pack an essentials box!
    Don’t panic! Take a deep breath and start with moving preparations.

    Don’t panic!

    As mentioned previously, this is the most important tip that we can provide. Panic is the mind-killer. When in a state of panic, you might draw the wrong conclusions and make the wrong decisions. That is why the first thing that you need to do is to try and become calm if you are not already. The fact of the matter is that no matter what the situation is like, there will be solutions and things that you can do. Try to surround yourself with positive and calm people, as well. That can make all the difference.

    Remember, panic is a state of mind and you can get rid of it. Recognizing that you are in a state of panic is the key step so try to pay attention to it.

    Get organized and create a moving checklist for your short notice move

    After you overcome panic or embrace calmness, it is time to get to work! You will need to do some organizing and you might need to do it fast. The best way to organize is to simply create a moving checklist. This document will have all of the tasks that you need to accomplish prior to the move. With this list in hand, you will be able to have a clear overview of everything that needs to be done. You will be able to assign and delegate tasks and check them off once they are complete. There is a good reason why checklists are the staple of organizers everywhere!

    Hire professional mover as soon as possible

    You will need to arrange for professional services as soon as you find out about the short notice move. In fact, this needs to be the first thing that you do once you “get the memo”, so to speak. Make sure to hire all the services that you might need, such as auto transport California, for example. You may run into a scheduling problem if it is in the middle of the moving season but usually you will be able to find a moving company with the specific date free.

    However, do note that your bargaining power is at its minimum when looking for a moving company on short notice. In fact, you may have no other recourse but to accept their terms. This situation is also where most fraudulent companies will try to take advantage of you. Try not to ever sound desperate or to deal with anything but a well-respected and reputable moving company.

    Contact your professional mover as soon as possible and schedule an appointment.

    Gather enough packing supplies and moving boxes

    You will need packing supplies and moving boxes for your relocation, there is no going around it. You might as well start gathering them straight away. The cheapest places to acquire the moving boxes will be your local stores. They have a steady supply of them and will definitely not miss a few. Talk to a few store owners, see what you can get, and for how much. Usually, you can get them for free, or for a token amount.

    When it comes to packing supplies, you will most likely need to go to a store and buy them. Tracking cheap supplies takes time and time is something that you might not have in your situation. Usually, you will want to do a full inventory list before you go shopping for supplies but, again, time might be a concern. The best thing that you can do is to contact your moving company and ask them for advice on how many of each item you need to purchase. You can, of course, acquire packing services from your movers if you don’t have the time to deal with this. It will cost you extra but you will not need to do anything.

    Declutter while packing for your short notice move

    Usually, the decluttering process is something that you want to do before packing. However, in your situation, you might need to do this alongside packing. You will not have the luxury of deliberating for days, you will need to be fast about it. But this is a process that you absolutely need to go through. Fewer items equal less weight and less weight equal to less moving costs. Simple as that.

    You won’t have time to declutter properly. That’s why you should declutter while packing!

    Don’t forget to pack an essentials box!

    Finally, amid all the rush and confusion, it might be easy to forget to pack an essentials box. This is a mistake that you really should not make. It is easy and fast to pack this box and the only reason you might fail to do so is if you forget. Try to create a reminder for yourself and put it somewhere where you can’t miss it. For example, you can put the reminder on top of the toaster or any other appliance that you are using. Simple as that.

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